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You're The Only One!

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A week before their wedding Amari and Dontae have stumbled upon an obstacle too hard to over come. Will they find their way back to each other? Or will they forever be apart? You'll just have to read to find out!😘

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Chapter 1: LUNCH!

As Amari Valdespee stepped out onto the side walk in downtown Orlando, she looked into the sky and smiled saying to herself "What a beautiful day!" She'd just picked up lunch for her fiancè Dontae Kim and was surprising him at his office. She was also smiling because in a week's time she would be graduating from FAMU (Florida A&M University) medical school and would finally be a real doctor! Also, in a months time she and Dontae will be husband and wife!

She still had to go to her last fitting, but she was feeling nice and wanted to do a once or forever in a lifetime thing for her soon to be hubby.

She arrived at Accutect just moments later when she was greeted by the receptionist Ralesha Merrell "Good afternoon Ms. Valdespee! We don't get to see you around here often. What's the occasion?" Ralesha asked with a smile.

"I brought my man lunch today. I felt if I didn't bring this, he would starve all day. He never takes time out for himself. It's always work and meetings." Amari replied with a giggle "Don't inform his secretary I'm on my way up there. I want to surprise him!"

"I won't. Go ahead and have fun!" Ralesha said smiling and put a finger up to her mouth gesturing "shhhh!" Sinisterly giggling which was returned by Amari.

Amari Valdespee is a half cuban, half African American 25 year old young woman, but she prefers to be called 'Young Lady'. She likes the term young lady and she figures she'll be a young lady until she's married and have kids. Even then she would still prefer 'Young Lady'. She's weird and she knows it. She was the top student her whole academic life. She was pre-med at FAMU for four years and transferred to FAMU medical to finish her schooling.

She met Dontae at a T.I. concert in Tallahassee and had a long distance relationship for three years until she moved back to Orlando to finish her medical degree. She has a caramel skin tone, curly brown hair, gray eyes and the cutest button nose. Her mother would always tease her about it. She's a fourth degree black belt in Ju jit su, she's some what a tomboy and bossy. Although she does like to wear flower dresses and sneakers. That's a combination she can deal with. She also have a mean streak to her. She will have you wishing you didn't try her nicety.

As she headed down the hallway to Dontae's office, she met her nemesis Inu Irie. Yes, we know that Inu is Japanese for dog, but that's beside the point. Inu is 'Japanese' and has been friends with Dontae since their junior year in high school. She has had a crush on him since then and she will do anything to have him all to herself. No. Matter. What. If you're her rival in anything, love, career, it doesn't matter, she will see fit that you are no longer a threat.

Amari smirked with a cold glare while passing her and said "Dumb bitch"

Inu turned around with a 'What the fuck you just call me?' look and said "Excuse me? I didn't hear the words you just murmured under your breath."

Amari quickly turned around with a smile on her face mocking Inu and said "I don't have to say anything under my breath bitch. You heard every word. Is it not true you're dumb? And is it not true that you're a bitch?"

Inu turned around and walked away with a scowl on her face while saying "Keep it up slut. You touch me and I'll kick your ass up and down this hallway. Bye Felicia. Skanky ass bitch."

Amari turned back around with a golden smile and kept walking towards Dontae's office.

Dontae Kim, a second generation Korean American, six foot five inches handsome man. Muscles galore and a smile that would make every woman's panties drop. If he wanted he could be a Korean actor or model. His eyes are Hazel, his lips are plump, dimples when he smiles and a straight nose. He is the president of Accutect while his father is the CEO. He went to Florida State University where he obtained his degree in business and architecture. He is the number one handsomest Korean man in all of Florida.

All his life he had girls falling for him. From the crib to the present, they just won't leave him alone.

Amari reached his office and opened the door saying "Surprise babe!" Smiling and giggling as she walked towards him. "Don't look for me to do this again unless you want to be put in a headlock!" She smiled showing those beautiful white teeth. Dontae stopped what he was doing and ran over to Amari picking her up and twirling her around. Damn, he has the best smile and those dimples are on full display.

He gave her the biggest kiss she'd ever received from him. She giggled against his lips. "I hope I get this reaction on our wedding day!" She was dizzy and smiling when he placed her back on her feet.

"You might get that and a lot more if you're a good girl! I can actually give it to you now and tonight if you want?!"

She slapped his chest "You're so nasty."

He smiled "I just wanted to do something nice for you too since next week is your graduation." He kissed the palm of her hands. "Between work and seminars, I won't have time to spoil you."

She laughed and with a small voice she said "Who knew you could be so cute and romantical!" She pinched his cheeks and winked her eye "But please stop, you're scaring me and I don't like it."

He rolled his eyes and pouted. "I was just trying to be one of those sexy male leads in your romance books. How come you don't get all hot and bothered when I do it?!"

She kissed his cheek "Because, you're real and they're fake. And I do get all hot and bothered when you come out of the shower with your towel wrapped around your waist. When you come home from the gym and sweat is dripping all down your chest. Hey, I'm getting turned on just thinking about it."

He gave her a sexy smirk and grabbed her by the waist pulling her into him. "Then, I'll give you what you want!" He kissed her passionately. Tasting and savoring her, deepening the kiss with every delicious sensation.

She pulled away panting and licked his lips. "It'll have to wait sexy. I'm almost late for my last fitting. I'll see you at home and bring all that energy with you!" She licked her lips and grabbed her purse. She kissed him again before walking to the door. "Bye sexy!" She winked her eye and walked out the door.

Dontae was happy, mad and frustrated all at once. He was happy that she took time out of her busy day to think about him and bring him a meal. Frustrated because he really wanted to show her just how much he appreciated her and more and mad because he couldn't. She was busy and he had to get back to work. He sighed when the door closed. "Well buddy, we'll have to wait a few more hours before we can get to touch her goody goody goodness." He said to himself looking down at the tent in his pants. "What did she bring me?" He looked over at the coffee table in his office to the bag she brought in with her.

As he was getting the contents out there was a knock on his door. Before he could tell the person to enter Inu walks in " Hey boyfriend, whatcha doing?" She said walking towards him.

"Inu, how many times do I have to tell you that you can't just walk in here?" He was annoyed "You have to go through Alize' my secretary first." He was starting to get angry because he was telling her this for the umpteenth time.

"What? Boy, you know I don't ever listen to you. Why would I start now? What did that ska-" Inu caught herself and calmed down a bit "person bring you? You need to make sure she didn't poison it."

Dontae looked at her with a side eye. Anger already showiy. "Were you just about to call Amari a skank?" His voice was cold and dripping with venom.

"No sir, that bitch is lovely. She's a field of roses." Inu said with even more venom. "But watch out for the thorne's. They'll prick you and make you draw blood." She must be talking about herself cause this heffa is evil to to tenth power. But I'm just the narrator. I don't supposed to be judging folks. Anyway, back to the story.

"Are you jealous?" He asked stepping towards her. Their faces were kissably close.

"Who? Me? Jealous of that bitch? You need your head examined." She turned her head and rolled her eyes while provocatively crossing her legs sitting down in a little side chair he has next to his couch.

Inu was jealous and steaming mad inside cause he pointed it out. She hated Amari with a passion. She wanted her to fall off a cliff and die. She was starting to scheme something for the employee and shareholders ball. She wanted Amari to suffer her death blow.... Not literally. Inu comes from a respectable Japanese family full of doctor's, lawyers and government officials. She couldn't put her family name on the line. The Iris's are known all over Japan and America.

"It won't be too many times that you call my fiancè a bitch in my presence. Matter of fact stop saying it all together." He rolled his eyes and walked back over to the couch. "Besides, you sure act like you're jealous. You have a crush on me or something?" He smiled at her with an 'I know you do' kinda look.

"Why are you looking at me like that? If I did, you'll already know but since you need confirmation, no, I don't. Boy, you're butt ugly. Only someone like Amari would want your ugly ass." She laughed trying to hide her truth. Inu loved every bit of Dontae's attention. Happy, mad, sad or annoyed. She'll take whatever she could get from him. She was going to do all that she could to get him to realize his true feelings for her.

"I'm going to tell my mom and she's going to tell your mom and you're going to be in trouble for wanting a taken man."

She looked at him with a sneer and walked over to him. She slapped him on the back of the head. "Boy snap out of it. You're creeping me out. I just told you, you're not my type." She laughed at him

Dontae laughed and offered to share his lunch with her.

"You didn't answer my question earlier. What did your person bring you for lunch?" She said with an annoyed look on her face.

He looked at her "Seriously Inu, get over it." He rolled his eyes "And can't you read? Do we need to send you back to elementary school? Read the damn bag." He was starting to get annoyed again.

The bag read 'Chipotle' one of America's mexican food chains. They sell deliciousness!

"Give me half." She begged with a soft cute girly voice.

"Here, now leave and get back to work." He gave her half of his steak burrito with lime rice, black beans, salsa and guacamole. "Lazy bumb." She grabbed the food and left his office smiling and giggling with food in her mouth.

"Bye jerk! Call me later!"

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