Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 08

She's gonna forever
Say "I got this" even
With tears in her eyes


•Alexis' POV•

I slapped him across the face as he pulled away. I heard gasp but I ignored them.

His head was still in the same spot while his eyes were burning in anger and a hint of admiration. I was taken aback as I slowly back away from him.

"What was that for?!"

He pulled me into a hug while glaring at Matt and everyone else. Everyone, including Matt, turn their heads away and minded their business.

"What did I say about going near that Matt boy?" He whispered.

I shivered from the sudden breath fanning my neck as I tried shoving him away from me.

"Who gave you the authority to tell me who I can and cannot hang out with?" I demanded.


I glared at him and was about to speak my mind again when his eyes trailed down to the short dress I was wearing. I was already uncomfortable with the dress and his eyes on it was not helping. I shift uncomfortably under his stare.

He frowned as he tried to pull down my dress, but it didn't even do anything. He mumbled some words before taking his jacket off.

"Here, " he said to me as he handed me the jacket.

I just stared at the jacket like an idiot.

"Why do I want your jacket?"

"Take it and wear it over your dress."


"Why not?" He was beginning to get irritated.

I threw his jacket away, causing one of the girls to fall over, trying to catch the jacket.

"Because I don't need it. Simple as that."

He glared at me as I glared at him back. No way I'm backing down on this.

Then out of nowhere, he smirked. I looked at him as if he was crazy.

"I must leave. Bye, kitten."

I narrow my eyes at his retreating figure. That was really weird. After he left, I turn around and start looking for Avery. When I founded her I pulled her aside so she could hear me.

"Hey! Did you find him?"

She looked up at me with a smile on her face but her eyes held a hint of sadness.

"Yea. But someone called him and told him that there was an emergency. He apologizes and left."

She let out a sigh.

"I feel so bad for you..."

"Hey. How about we go home and watch TV?"

She nodded her head.

"That would be great!"

"Alright let me get Peter. Where ever he is."

I told Ashley to stay there as I looked for Peter. Obviously, he wasn't in the house so I went to the backyard.

Still no Peter.

I walked to the front yard and didn't see anything.

"Where the hell are you at?" I mumbled.

He can't just leave us. Can he?

I was going to call him when someone covered my eyes and put a cloth over my mouth.

I dropped my phone and tried my best not to breathe in.

Goddammit! I thought I was stronger than this!

I tried to get out of the person's hold but they were so strong.

Where is everybody else? I'm pretty sure someone should see me getting kidnapped.

As I struggled I found it harder to hold my breath. As much as I hate to do this I let myself breathe in the cloth.

I felt myself get picked up as my eyes became droopy.

•Blake's POV•

I know I shouldn't have drug her but that was the only plan I could think of at the moment.

I won't let anyone come and shoot a chance with her before I could.

I almost broke that Matt kid's head if it wasn't for the fact that Alexis was glaring at me.

Can't she take the hint that I don't want her to be with any other dude beside me?

I don't know why but the moment I bumped into Alexis I knew she was the one. The way she fought back at me was amazing.

And when my skin touches her, sparks spread in my entire body.


I was acting like a boy having his first crush. And maybe that was true. After all, Alexis is my one and only crush.

I quickly got a maid to changed her the moment we came home. I didn't want her to end up uncomfortable.

I handed the maid my t-shirt, along with a hoodie and my sister's shorts for Alexis.

Yes, I do have a sister. She's very annoying.

"You may go inside now, sir."

I nodded my head at the maid and walk inside. There on my bed was a sleeping Alexis. She was so adorable.

I quickly did my night routine and changed into some sweats. I slowly lifted the blanket and went under.

I gently hugged Alexis, which she quickly reacted to.

She grabbed my arm and hugged it tightly.

She's so cute.

She looks so peaceful and happy. She looks even more breathtaking up close.

Her face was perfectly sculptured making her look even more gorgeous. Her long thick eyelashes were curled naturally and her lips were rosy pink and kissable.

I sigh. She is perfect.

I pull her to my chest leaving her head on my shoulder. I hug her and breathe in her scent. It immediately made me feel calm. I pull her closer and let sleep take over.

I have finally found my queen.

To be continue

Thanks for reading guys! Please don't hate on Blake for kidnapping Lexi!

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Also sorry for my grammar mistakes :(

Love you guys to the moon and back

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