Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 11

Sometimes you will
Never know the value
Of a moment until it
Becomes a memory

-Dr. Seuss

•Alexis' POV•

I toss and turned in my sleep as I thought back to what happened earlier. If only I was fast enough, maybe I would be home right now.

I sigh and got up.

I walk to the kitchen to find the whole house quiet and empty. Strange.

"Good morning." A husky voice appeared out of nowhere.

I jumped and held my chest. Damn. That was scary.

I looked behind him and didn't see Alex. Maybe he went out or went home.

Man, he didn't even have the gut to say 'bye' or 'thank you' after I saved his stupid ass!


I shook my head and look at Blake, "Hm?"

"I been calling your name for 3 minutes and all I got was a daydreaming Lexi as a response."


"I know I'm beautiful but stop daydreaming about me," He teases me.

I scoff, "I rather daydream about a horse sitting on top of you. Then poop on you, and finally bury you 10 feet under."

He fake gasp and put his hand over his heart.

"Jeez, woman. I thought you loved me."

"I don't love you nor do I even like you."

I rolled my eyes after I finished speaking.

Him and his ego.

"Don't you roll your eyes with me, young lady," he said with a grandma attitude.

I burst out laughing. After a while, he joins in with me.

"Y-yes. G-grandma."

I wipe the happy tears from the eyes and smile brightly at him. Since when did I end up being close to him?

But one thing is for sure is that he reminds me of Ashley and Peter when they were with me. I miss them.

That's when all of a sudden I felt my phone vibrating. Wait a minute! I had my phone with me the whole time!

I'm so fucking stupid!

I look at the named contact and cringe. Ashley is so going to kill me.

I put her as The Devil. You probably already know why I put her like that. I can't answer, cause if I do Blake would most likely kick Ashley out before she could take me home.

And if I do answer she will most likely scream at me for getting kidnapped. But I want to get out of here!

But I was dumb so I decided to ignore her phone calls. Hoping that she will take the hint and track my phone down.

Nope, I was wrong. My phone kept ringing 10 more times.

"Are you going to answer that or do you want me to answer it," Blake said coming closer to my phone.

"NO!" I scream.

He turns to me with a raised eyebrow.

"Is someone special calling you?" He said with venom on the word special.

"Um, error. Um? Yea, you can say that..."

He grabs my phone and threw it to the wall. It shatters to small pieces that I almost consider it dust instead of pieces. How could such an expensive phone break so easily?!

"Hey!!! That was MY phone! Did you realize how much it cost me to buy it!!!!"

I know I sound like a spoilt brat, but hey I had to work my ass off for that! I may be rich but I had to work if I wanted something.

He turns around and looks at me with furry, "Don't worry I will get you a new one. Now tell me who was that calling you!"

Jeez, he is sooo overdramatic. He is so insecure. If only he let me fully talk.

"Calm your oversize possessive side now! It was Ashley who was calling me."

His furry slowly turn into guilt.

He looks at me with a weak scared smile while I gave him a death glare with both my hands on my hip.

"Um hello? No apologies?! You first accused me over what?! Thinking I was calling my boyfriend when we aren't even dating?! And second, you shatter my phone into," I pick up the dust, "what is this! Dust?! I can't even tell if it used to be a phone!!?"

His face turns even more guilty.

"If you don't give me a new phone within 24 hours I will chop you up and make human gumbo!"

"And I'm serious! I have some knife with me right now if you don't believe me!"

Nah. I was lying, just to get him to listen to me. But I can go to the kitchen and get a knife.

He quickly scrambles away as I roll my eyes. I hate him sometimes. Scratch that, when did I ever not hate him?

But like he better gives me a new phone! I need it! Without it, I'm disconnected from the outside world.

I just hope he lets me go outside instead of locking me up in this mansion.

To be continue

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