Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 13

Stop hating yourself
For everything you
Aren't. Start loving
Yourself for everything
That you are


•Alexis' POV•

"You really thought you could run away, did you. Gattina?" Blake whispered.

All three of us stiffen.

"What did you do?" Peter whispered.

"Yeah? Did you shove his head down the toilet? I mean I wouldn't blame you. I would have done the same thing to Peter."

"Yea. Me t-Wait what?" Peter asked with confusion and shock in his voice.

Someone cough making us all remember that Blake was still there.

"So. Why are you here?" I stupidly asked him.

He gave me the 'what is wrong with you' look.

I have diabetes and when I'm in the bathroom don't you dare go inside. I fart like there is no tomorrow.


But seriously stay away from the bathroom when I eat a lot of beans.

"Why are you trying to ignore me. Didn't I say I didn't like it?"

"Um. Actually, you never said that" and I wasn't lying.

His eyes harden.

"Lexi. I'm not joking."

I put both my hands on my hip and narrowed my eyes at him.

"Neither am I. First of all, you don't have control of me. And second of all, you shouldn't have kidnap me!"

"Wait? Blake kidnap you?" Peter asked.

Ashley slaps the back of his head.

"No duh, stupid! Who else would it be? Santa Claus?" Ashley scowls him.

"Can you guys stop arguing so we can eat?" She pleaded.

"Sure, “ I said before walking with them but was stopped by Blake.

"Wait. I'm coming also, per assicurarsi che nessuno osa flirtare con te."

(To make sure no one dares to flirt with you)


He shook his head, "Nothing to worry about, gattina."


He grabbed my hand and walked to the cafeteria, with me struggling against his hold.

Everyone stared with wide eyes as we walked past them. Even Michelle gaped at us, but she glared at me in a not-so-friendly way.

"Can you let go? You are putting too much attention on us. I didn't come back to have everyone stare at me," I told him.

He tightens his grip and led us to his table.

"Woah! Why are we sitting here?"

He glanced at me in confusion.

"What's wrong with here?" His voice laced with confusion.

"I'm not sitting with you and your group. I rather sit with my friends in our usual seat."

He sighs in frustration.

"Must you be so difficult? You never was this stubborn when we were younger," he mumbled the second part.


I was positive that I was hearing things.




It went completely awkward after that.

"So how about Taco Bell?" Peter suddenly said.

"Yes! And then we can get bubble tea for you, Lexi!" Ashley suggested.

"I have boba before and they tasted nasty," someone said.

I gasped.

"Wait. What is bubble tea?" One of Blake's friends interjected.

"Yeah. What is that? Is that tea with dish soap in it?" Danny asked.

I let out another loud gasped. I mocked hurt.

"You guys don't know what bubble tea is? Not even boba?"

They all shook their heads, even Blake.

"This is why I can't handle you guys. Only Peter and Ashley understand me."

They both nodded their head.

"We are the best."

"The only person that understands Lexi," they both said in unison.

They looked at each other and glared at one another.

"Ok...anyways bye!"

I quickly ran away while grabbing both Ashley and Peter's wrists.

"Hey! Come back!"

But I was already out of the cafeteria and on my way to the parking lot.

"Did you guys happen to drive with a car?" I asked the moment I realized that Blake was the one who drove me to school.

"Yeah. Why?" Peter asked.

"Because I don't have a car, remember."

"Oh. Oooooohhh yeahhhhhhh!"

"Man. How stupid can you be," Ashley scolded Peter?

He pouted at her.

"I'm not stupid."

Ashley sigh and mumbled 'whatever.' And kissed his cheek.

Woah. Did I miss something? I have only been gone for 2 days.

"Did something happen when I was gone?"

"No," they both said causally.

I look at both of them with my arms cross.

"Do you really think I wo-"

I was cut off by Blake's yelling.

"Come back, Alexis!"

"Yeah. We don't get time for this. I'll let you guys slide this time. Now unlock the car!"

Peter quickly got the keys and unlocked the door. We all hopped in as we heard the beep noise.

"Hurry! He's a foot away from us!" I yelled at Peter.

"Quit rushing me woman! It takes time to start a car AND drive it out of a parking spot!"

"I bet I can do it faster than you!" I yelled back.

"Oh really? Why don't you drive instead?"

"Guys shut up and Peter drive! He's literally coming!"

"Ok! Geez! Chill!!"

Peter started the engine and drove out of school as fast as he could. I looked back to see Blake glaring at us.

I let out a sigh of relief.

"We made it. If we stay any longer Blake would have dragged us back there and forced us to sit by him and his friends," I spoke.

"So. Now that we escaped for no reason, what do we do now?" Peter questioned.

"Well. Who wants to skip school? And go to the amusement park?"

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