Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 14

The trouble is,
You think you
Have time.


•Alexis' POV•

"Ughhhh!!! First, you came back with your flat self and stole Blake from me! Now you are stealing Alex from me! You bitch!!!" Mitchell screamed at me.

You guys are probably confused. Who am I kidding, aren't we all confused? Let me started from the beginning.

~Continuing from the last chapter~

After our little "escape" we all drove to the amusement park. I mean why not.

We got out of the car and paid for our tickets, which cost expensive.

I'm going to be broke when the day is over. Correction, I been broke.

"Did you guys bring your money with you?" I asked them.



Ash and I stared at Peter.

"What. I literally just spend my money for the wrist band."

"So how are you going to eat?" I asked.

"Duh. You guys are going to pay for me."

I rolled my eyes while Ashley slapped him.

"Quit abusing me!"

"Stop being annoying and stupid then."

"Sorry, sweetheart. But that's who I am," he responded.

She rolled her eyes and slapped him again.

"Hey!" He whined.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and sigh.

"Can you guys shut up or we will leave right now."

They both went silent after that.

"So. Where to?"

"Let's go to the BATMAN the ride, ride!" Ashley suggested.


We walked to the ride, excited until we saw the line. We all groan as we waited. Then out of nowhere two people cut in front of us.


They turned and I was shocked.

"Alex? Mitchell?"


Aren't they supposed to be at school? Well, I don't know about Alex but Mitchell should be at school.

He came closer to me and hugged me. Squeezing the life out of me, but was ripped away from me by Mitchell.

She glared at me and was about to slap me when Alex caught her wrist.

"Don't you dare hit her," he sneers at her.

She looked at him in shock.

"How could you say that! You're mine! You are supposed to be on my side"

"I'm no one sweetheart."

"B-but. I thought we are together," She said.

"Just because we made out doesn't mean anything. And you must be stupid if you think I would go out with someone like you."

Alex flick her off and walked away leaving us with an angry Mitchell.

Her face filled with humiliation and confusion.

She slowly turned and glared daggers at me. Her face was turning red as her nose was expanding in and out as she breathed.

Oh no. The barbie is mad! Hurry! Someone get Ken to calm her down.

"How dare you!"

"Ughhhhh!!! First, you came back with your flat self and stole Blake from me! Now you are stealing Alex from me! You bitch!!!" Mitchell screamed at me.

"You fool people with your innocent only when you are actually a sick person that steals other people’s guys!! No wonder your parents kill themselves! They didn't want a daughter that open her legs to everyone!"

I saw red as she mentions my parent's death and accused me of something I didn't do.

"You know what Mitchell. No wonder no one wants to date you nor sleep with you! You are so self-center and full of yourself. You think you are all high and mighty because you’re rich and have the looks? Well, guess what, barbie, the world does not revolve around you. Now stop ruining my life and go live your life.”

And what I did next caused everyone to stared at us. I slapped her in the middle of the line. Everyone stared at us but I didn't care.

At least they got the tea.

She fell to the ground holding her cheek. Bitch I know I didn't slap you that hard. So stand up and quit being dramatic.

"Y-you. You dare slap me!"

I lean down to her level.

"Yeah. I did. What are you going to do about it?"

"Don't start, Alexis," Ashley whispered.

"You don't want to cause a scene," Peter added.

I nodded at them and lean back.

"You're lucky I forgive you for what you did to my love ago. But you better watch your back. Mitchell." I said her name in venom.

We walked away and stopped in front of dip and dots.

"My mood is ruin. Do you guys want to continue or go home?" I asked as I paid for my dip and dots.

"I mean we literally just spent 25 dollars on the wristband so it's better we used it than waste 25 dollars for nothing."

"You do get a point," I said.

"Let's g-"

"Found you, gattina."

I jumped from my seat spilling half of my dip and dots.

"My dip and dots..." my voice went lower as I stared at the food.

I felt tears forming. I know dramatic much? But you can't blame me it's food.

My lip trembled as my bottom lip pokes out. I let out a small sob as I stared at the fallen soldier.

I will always remember you. In my stomach.

"Wha-Why are you crying?! Did I scare you that badly? What's wrong? Speak to me, Alexis!" Blake said.

He panics as he shook me a little. Like that's going to help.


"Your what?"

"My dip and dots."

He let go of me and quickly went to the dip and dots order place.

Geez. I didn't know he was so caring.

Two seconds later he came back with 5 cookies and cremes dip and dots.

I gasped.

"Ooo! Thanks."

I couldn't believe he actually bought me them. Even tho I barely even cried.

"Are you ok?" He asked with concern.

"Yeah. How did you know I love cookies and cremes?"

"I-um. Er...I saw the container and it said cookie and cremes, duh."

He tried to act casual but I knew he was lying.

"You're lying."

"No, I'm not. It's so obviously like look at the container and the color."

"Yeah. True."

"Now. Who's ready to have the best time of their lives?" He asked.

And you know the answer to that.

We all screamed, "ME!!"

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