Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 15

Sometimes you
Just have to be done,
Not mad, not
Just done.


•Alexis' POV•

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I want my momm-Ahhhhhh!"

Peter gripped the seat tighter as the ride went down again.

"Mommmmmyyyy!!!" He screamed.

"Will you shut up!" Ashley yelled at him.


I rolled my eyes. Luckily I sat behind him or he would be screaming in my ear.

He was freaking serious when he said he was scared of roller coasters.

"Weeeeeee! See, Peter this isn't so baaaaad!" I screamed as the ride suddenly went back and stopped.

"Is this supposed to happen?" Ashley asked.

The engine turned off and we sat there in silence.

"Oh shit. I think we are stuck," Blake said next to me.

"You think."

"Attention all passengers..."

We were literally the only passengers. Blake, Peter, Ashley and I.

"The ride seems to be stuck, so please don't panic and wait patiently as we try to see what is wrong..."

*behind the mic*

"Dude. What happen?"

"I don't know!"

"Well, we better fix this soon! There are kids in there!"

"Well, I don't know what to do! I literally just started working here!"

"The firefighters aren't going to be here until an hour!" A third guy said.

"An hour!? Shit. Well, I guess the poor children will be stuck in there for a while."

*Back on mic*

"Again. Sorry for the trouble. Please be patient as we see what is going on."

*behind the mic*

"What to get pizza? They won't be here until an hour."

"Yeah. Sure. You're paying, right?"

"What? No. I'm too broke to pay for two people."

"Oh ok."

It went silent after that.

That's when Peter began crying.

"I'm too young to die! I haven't even got to see Blackpink or Twice! I never even dated anyone yet!!!!"

*crying noises*

"We aren't going to die, Peter!" I tried to reassure him.

"How would you know! We are literally hanging 200+ feet in the air!!!"

"Man. Just chill," Blake said, clearly not bothered by the situation. He had his eyes closed while his arms were crossed against his chest.

"I can't!" He grabbed Ashley's hand and cuddled it to his chest.

"I'm scared."

"Well. There is a traffic jam. So we will most likely be stuck here for an hour or two," Ashley said.

"What!?" We all screamed.

"They did say so. And the other option is that we climb out. But that would only be a 1% chance that we will survive."

I gulp as I listen to her.

"Maybe we should climb out. It isn't so hig-"

I looked down and my eyes widen in horror.

"Never mind. We will wait."


We all looked at Blake.

"If they do come, how are they going to get us out of here? We are literally at the highest part, way too tall for the truck to reach."

We all gulp. We are so doomed.

"I regret missing school."

"You shouldn't have run away for no reason then," Blake interjected.

"Shut it, Blake. We wouldn't be in this ride if it wasn't for you insi-WOAHHH!"

The ride rock back and forth.

"AHHHHHH!!! I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!!! AHHHH!!" Peter screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Peter calm down! Are you sure you aren't a 5 year old!?!? Do you want me to change your diaper too!?" Ashley yelled at him.

"Yea...I think I peed on myself." Peter mumbled.

"What the...EW!" We all yelled.

"I'm joking. BUT I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!!!" He screech.

We all covered our ears.

"Chill we will be home safe and sound so-"

The ride suddenly went down.

"Ahhhhhh." We all screamed.


Peter suddenly fainted.


I gripped the seat belt harder as I felt my knuckles burn from the hold.

"Lexi! I'm sorry to say this but I used to used your clothes to wipe dog poop off my shoes!" Ashley apologized.

"WHAT? YOU DID WHAT? Well, I guess I have to apologize when I broke your BTS lightstick and lied that Peter broke it!"

"WHAT?! You were the one who broke it?!"

"Hey! At least I didn't use my best friend's clothes to wipe dog poop off!" I yelled back.


"We're about to land!!!!" Blake screamed.

"Aren't you supposed to be the Mafia's King!? Do something!"

"What am I suppose to do!!! I’m not Superman!" He yelled back.


The ride slam forward then was yanked back. I felt my body swinging forward until pulled back.

We all panted as we all got out of the ride.

"I'm never pant riding pant that ever again," I claimed.

"But it was actually pretty enjoyable," Ashley said while panting.

"Wha-what happen..." Peter groaned.

"You pass out when the ride fell."

He whipped the sweat off his forehead and climbed out.

"Thank goodness that is over. I thought I was going to die young..."

He runs to us and hugged us. But when he got to Ashley he hugged her tighter and hold onto her longer.

"We're saved." He mumbled.

"So...Who wants to go on another ride?" Blake asked.

We stared at him as if he was crazy. Was he not there when we nearly died from a ride?

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