Claim by the Bad Boy

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Before you read, here are some warnings! My grammars suck and this book makes no sense. It is so unorganized and so cringy. Totally not worth reading. But read if you wanted to. But I warn you! Also, there is barely any Mafia stuff in here. PS- I'm kinda too lazy to edit this story so read if you are immune to bad grammar - After the death of her parents, Alexis Carter moved in and lived with her uncle. Years later and she is not the same girl people would make fun of. She was the girl ready to find the person who killed her parents. But little did she knows, she caught the mafia king's attention while seeking the murder. . . . "You are never going to leave me. You are mine since the day I met you." That's when I burst, "Yours?! Since when?! I don't belong to you!!!! I belong to myself! So stop talking about how you claim me!!! Because let me tell you something! I am not an object you can use and throw away!" He starts turning red from anger. "You are mine! Every part of you belongs to me! You can't leave me!" He shouted back.

Romance / Humor
Boba Lover
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And all my translation is from google translate.

I hope you guys enjoy this story even if it makes you cringe. And also sorry for my bad spelling, grammar, and punctuation!!!

❉ Thanks for all of your SUPPORT! Please VOTE and COMMENT! ❉

Also, another warning is that Alexis gets really comfortable and forgives Blake really fast! So if you hate that please just stop reading my story.

Things go by fast in this book! Thanks for reading! (If you dare to)



"Omg look at her."

"I know right. Just look at her outfit. Not to forget her ugly face too."

"Yup. I would be surprised if anyone even likes her or even talk to her."

"Same here."

Every day I get the same comment from the same people. Every day I suffer from this hell hole. And every day I end up crying the moment I came home.

Ever since my parents' death, I push everyone away from me. I pay more attention to school and care less about my appearance.

My parents' last words were, "Find someone who will love and protect you forever."

Over course I don't believe in true love so my parents' last words were useless. All I care about is getting to a good school and having a peaceful life. But the "popular" girls keep on pushing my god damn buttons!

The only friend I had at school was Ashley Smith. She was my only friend, still is.

After my parents' death, I move in with my aunt and uncle. They treat me like their own daughter. I have been living with them for 2 years.

My parents died when I was 15. I came home and there they were dead on the floor surrounded by their own blood. I still have nightmares from that.

But little did I knew that the moment I return to school my life changed forever.

And it was all because of one guy.

Blake Peterson

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