Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 18

"Fall in love with
Souls, not face."


•Alexis's POV•

I stir in my sleep, but I couldn't move. Something was holding me down. I slowly open my eyes and saw nothing but white.

What the? Is this heaven? Last time I check I was eating my food until I fell asleep.

But this is super comfortable and relaxing. I can stay like this forever. I let out a sigh.

I heard a chuckle.

"You are so adorable when you sleep. You know that right?" someone mumbles.

I groan as I open my eyes. I look up and came face to face with Blake. I immediately push myself away from him, while my eyes dilated in size.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked.

I put one elbow on the bed as he leans his head on his hand.

"You don't remember. You beg me to have se-"

"Woah! Woah! Woah! There is no way I would've said that! I was too busy eating, remember?"

Well, I got to admit that Blake is hot. With his blue eyes, soft kissable lips, jawline, ab-

Ok! Out of topic!

"It did happen"

"Then why am I wearing clothes."

He sighs, "Come on! I was trying to prank you"

I scoff, "Next time try using your brain more."

I got up and walk to my room since I somehow end up sleeping in his room. I heard him mumble something but I ignore him.

I walk to the bathroom and got undress. Turning on the shower I step inside and let out a small shiver.

This feels nice.

I wash my hair and body and shaved before stepping out of the shower with a fluffy towel wrap around me.

I put on my undies and put on a plain crop top as I put on a white oversize sweatshirt that has a picture that I have no clue about. I put on white short shorts. And to go with my outfit I put on a white beanie.

I grab my white socks and shoes and put them on. There my outfit is complete for today.

^^Her outfit. If you guys don't like it imagine it as something else.

This isn't my type of outfit that I would wear most of the time but since I will be going out it will do.

*knock knock*

I opened the door and saw a young maid staring at me. More like glaring at me. She looks about a year older than me.

"Sir Blake wants to see you in his office," she said in disgust.

Apparently, someone didn't like me.

"Where is his office again?"

She rolled her eyes.

"If you really are Master's lady you should know where everything is. Maybe the rumor about you being his lady is a lie."

I stared at her in shock.

"I'm not his lady!"

"Oh!" She grinned before quickly hiding it.

"Than never mind. Sir Blake must be single still then. Well, follow me then, I guess."

I followed her until we stopped in front of a wooden door.

"This is his office. I must leave now. Make sure you told him that I helped you." With that, she left.

I stared at his door before knocking.

"Come in," I heard him mumbled.

"Hi?" I said as I sat in a chair in front of his desk.

I didn't hear a reply so I look at him. He was staring at my legs. I roll my eyes. Men.

"Hello!" I snap my fingers in his face.

"Huh? Um. What? Y-yeah?"

"One of your maids told me to come to see you," I told him.

He looked at me and smiled.

"I'm taking you somewhere. Pack your clothes and things. We will be gone for a day."

"Why? I literally just got here. I'm not going anywhere with you." I stubbornly said.

"Don't act stubborn. And besides. I bet you will love the surprise."

"I don't like surprises."

It's true.

One time my mom lied to me that we were going to the most amazing place. She said it was a special place that I will enjoy.

But we ended up at the dentist. The only thing amazing about it was that my teeth were getting extra cleaned.

I cried for hours the moment we came home. I felt so betray. And that my friends are why I hate surprises.

"Well, you are going to like this surprise."

I narrow my eyes in suspicion.

"You aren't planning on killing me, right?"

"No duh. If I would. I would have killed you a long time ago. Now hurry up and get ready. I'll be in the car waiting."

He turned back and looked at me.

"And if you don't come down in 10 minutes I will change you instead and drag you to the car."

I quickly rush to the room and changed. Then I packed two pairs of shirts and pants, making sure to pack everything I need.

I grabbed my bag and rush to the car after I was finished.

Why do I trust Blake? I barely even know him shouldn't I be suspicious about where he is taking us?

Nah. Even if he did try to kill me I'll kill him first. I walked down and saw Blake standing there with a blindfold.

"Let me take that and please do take a seat," he said the moment he saw me.

I sat on the passenger seat, wondering where we were going. The door to the driver dear opened revealing Blake. He sat down and looked at me.

"Put this on."

He handed me a blindfold.


"So it will be a surprise."

I took it and tied it over my eyes.

"If you end up killing me I will hunt you down until you go to Hell," I calmly said.

"Don't worry. I'm not planning on letting you die. You are mine and you and I will be together forever. Nothing can separate us," he whispered.

I shiver a little as he leans back and drove to who knows where.

After about 10-15 minutes the car stopped. He opened the door and led me to the place.

"Why is it so loud?"

Did he bring me to a club?

He chuckled.

"You'll see."

He led me a little bit more before standing behind me.

"Ok. On the count of 3, you can take off the blindfold."




I rip the blindfold off and gasped.

To be continue

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