Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 19

"All our dreams can
Come true if we have the
Courage to pursue them"

-Walt Disney

•Alexis's POV•

"Welcome to Disneyland!" Blake whispered behind me.

I turn around and jump into Blake's arm without thinking. Even though I startled him, he still manages to catch me.

"Thank you, thank you!!!" I yell.

He hugs me back after recovering from his shock. He nuzzled his nose against my neck.

"You're welcome, gattina."

I jump out of his arm and drag him with me to the entrance. I couldn't believe he actually brought me here!

"Slow down, cupcakes. We are staying here the whole night."

I ignore what he said and continue walking. We pay and walk-in. I gasp at the view. It is so beautiful at night!

The lights were glowing! And the castle was so unique and shiny! The best part was the night sky. There were billions of stars shining in the night sky.

I never saw this many stars before. My mother used to tell me that each star represented a dead person.

If what she said was true, two of the stars are them. I miss you, mama and papa.

"Wow," I breathe out.

I was so caught up in the view that I didn't know Blake was staring at me. I turn and face him.


He leans in and whispers to my ears.

"The view is beautiful."

I look at the place, "It sure is."

He rolls his eyes, "I meant you."

I was shocked. He calls me beautiful? I felt heat rise to my cheeks. Good thing the night sky blocks out the blush.

"Are we going, now?" I ask, finally recovering from shock.

"Yea. Just waiting for you to stop blushing." He smirks

I blush again. How did he know? I thought the night sky block it out.

"Aww. You are so cute," he pinches my cheeks.

"Hey!" I swat his hands away from my face.

"I am not cute!"

He scoffs at me.

"Of course not. You are smoking hot right now."

I roll my eyes at him. Yes, I know I roll my eyes a lot.

"Shut up! Stop standing there, and let's go!"

I drag him with me as we went to different places.

I took pictures with Belle, Maleficent, and other Disney characters. It was amazing. But of course, Blake had to ruin the moment.

When Gaston put his arms on my waist to take a picture Blake went mad.

"Take your hands off of her," Blake said in a stern voice.

Looking at Blake's eyes I saw that it was black. This can't be good.

"Why should I? This beautiful lady asks for a picture," the guy dressing up as Gaston said while smirking.

He leans closer in and that's when Blake snaps. He pulls me behind him and gave the poor guy a hard punch in the face. The Gaston guy drops to the floor with a bleeding nose.

I gasp.

"Blake! Why did you do that!? I was only taking a picture with him!"

He drags me away and pulls me into a quiet place, with no one around.

"He was too close and he was touching what was mine."

I push him away, he was too close to my liking.

"I'm not yours! I don't belong to anyone! Now, don't you dare mess up this date!"

All of a sudden he smirks. Why is he smirking?! Can't he tell that I'm angry?

"Why are you smirking!?"

"Oh, nothing. Just the fact that you agree that this is a date."

I sigh. Oh, brothers.

"Can we just continue what we were doing before you made a scene?"

He nods before we all went back to taking pictures.


After taking pictures with all my favorite characters and riding some of the rides we decided to go watch the fireworks. Today they do fireworks. And let me tell you I was super excited!

I jump up and down, "What time is it?! Is it about to start?!"

"Almost. Just 2 more minutes princess," he said.

I grab onto Blake's hand and yelp in happiness. Blake just looks at me in amusement, but I ignore him.

Soon after the fireworks began. I stare at them in awe, they were so beautiful. I could look at them forever!

•Blake's POV•

I stare at her. She was so beautiful. The fireworks and night sky were nothing compare to her. I smile as she looks at the firework in awe.

She was adorable. And she will be all mine soon.

"Blake! Look!!" She points to a big firework.

"Isn't it so pretty?"

Not as pretty as you.

"Yes, yes it is."

She held onto my arms without knowing and smile bigger as figures start forming in the sky.


I smile at her adorableness. Who would have thought the violent Alexis could be so adorable and cute? Who am I kidding she is always amazing.

And she is all mine.

To be continue

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