Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 21

"Eat, Sleep, and live
Life to the fullest."


•Alexis' POV•

Warning! This is a short and boring chapter.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times before bursting out laughing.

"Nice joke," I said as I continued laughing.

He can't be serious.

I heard him let out a sigh, staring at me as I laughed.

"Told you. I knew you wouldn't believe me."

I stopped laughing.

"Well no duh. Why would I believe that I was childhood friends with you? I mean I should definitely remember that my best friend was a mafia king son."

He pulled out his phone.

"If you don't believe me, look at this."

He gave me his phone and showed me a picture.

"Damn. That boy is ugly!" I started the moment I saw the picture.

His mouth dropped.

"That's the only thing you notice?" He said a little bit offended.

I look back and the picture and stared at the girl. That girl looks so familiar.

"Wait a minute...that's me! How did you get this?"

This is creepy! I lost this picture 10 years ago.

"That's because the 'ugly boy' you mention is me."

My eyes widen, probably big as a teapot.

"No way! We never met before!"

This is unbelievable.

"But it's true. Don't you remember me, Issy?"

No one ever called me Issy besides, "Blakie Bear!"

He grinned.

"You remember!," but then he frowned, "I don't like that nickname tho."

I hugged him.

I can't believe I forgot about him. He was my best friend besides Ashley. He was always protective of me that sometimes I get irritated at him.

But he always told me, "I'm just protecting what is mine." Whatever that is supposed to mean.

"You're here! But you changed tho! You look nothing like that picture." I stated.

He rolled his eyes at me.

"It's called a glow-up or puberty. Unlike you, I have actually grown up."

I slapped his hard chest. Damn he got some abs.

"Hey! I'm a grown woman! Just small and have a baby face!" I quickly defended myself.

"Yeah. I've noticed."

My face slowly got red.

"S-shut up!"

"Now are we going to stay here or actually go swimming?" He asked.

"Duh! Swimming!!"

"Wait. I don't have any clothes to change to."

He pulled out a black pair of bikini from the bag.

"And that's why I carried this for. I knew you wouldn't have to pack a swimsuit, so I got my sister to buy me one for you."

My eyes widen as he mentions his sister.


He looked at me in confusion.


"How is Gigi. Your sister."

"Oh. She's doing fine. She still has many mental breakdowns. Like in math class she was crying over a problem. She was sent home. Then she cried again when her boyfriend broke up with her."

He let out a sigh.

"That girl needs to stop stressing out and stop trying to date worthless guys," he said.


"Welp. I'm going to change now."

I grabbed the bikini and changed behind a tree. I look down and saw that it fits perfectly and wasn't too revealing.

"Good taste, Gigi," I mumbled.

I walked out and saw a shirtless Blake.

"Damn. You really did glow up."

He smiled at me but when he saw my outfit his mouth dropped.


I rolled my eyes.

"Dude. Stop staring and let's go swimming."

He snapped out of his dazed staring and ran to me.

"What are you doi-HEY!"

He picked me up bridal style and ran to the water.

"No. No, no, NO, NOOOOO!!!!"

I screamed as he threw me into the water

"YEET!" I heard him yelled before water surrounded me.

I quickly swam up and suck in a huge amount of air. I glared at Blake as I saw him laughed at me.

I slowly stand up and began walking towards him. He stared at me in horror as I got closer to him.

"Woah. Alexis. Issy. Bubbles?"

I glared at him harder and tackled him down.


I grabbed his arms and dragged him towards the lake. For once he was helpless against my grip.

"Uh...Issy. Can you um let go?"

"No," I replied as I looked ahead.

"Wait. What are you going to-"

I swing my hands and pushed him into the lake.

"Weeeeeee!" He screamed as he fell into the water

Tf. Is he seriously having fun?

He swam up and splashed around like a little kid. Then all of a sudden he looked at me.

"Payback time!"

My eyes widen.

He isn't planning on tickling me or drowning me right?

But the look on his face told me he was going to.

"Well. Adios man. YEET!"

I ran away but before I could even go far, I slam into the tree.

I quickly saw stars and a dancing pig.


I hardly heard Blake screamed my name as I was out like a light.
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