Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 23

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."


•Alexis' POV•

"Fiancée!?" I shriek as my eyes widen the size of a pig's nose.

"Dude! How will she react knowing I have been staying here! Well more like taken against my will but still! I got to go, by-"

Blake grabbed my hand, cutting me off.

"Hold on! Let me explain!" He pleaded.

"You better start. I don't want to be in between you guys' relationship."

I noticed Blake clenched his jaw as I spoke.

"She's not my real fiancée."

"What?" I said.

Now I'm confused.

"Are you ok, Blake?"

He grabbed both of my hands as I tried to get out of his grip.

"What are you do-"

He tightens his hold.

"My mom set me up with her. Well, my stepmom. She wanted a rich, beautiful daughter-in-law."

"You have a stepmom?"

He nodded.

"Yeah. She killed my mom when she realized my dad was in love with my mom instead of her."

My eyes soften.

"Poor, Blakie Bear."

He narrowed his eyes at me.

"I told you I hated that name."

I rolled my eyes at him.

"Whatever. But why is your dad married with that bitch if she was the one who killed your mother?" I asked.

He sighed.

"She blamed my mother's death on someone else. My dad being heartbroken he believed her. 8 years later he stills believes her. That bitch must have brainwashed him real good But he only married her because he didn't want me to grow up without a mother. He still loves my mom no matter what."

He let out a chuckled.

"My stepmom always complained to the maid how he never does things with her. 8 years since my mom's death and he is still loyal to her. I respect that."

"Damn." That was all I got to say.

"But you must know that Valerie is a no one. My stepmom just keeps on trying to hook her up with me. But little does she knows I'm in love with someone else."

My heart clenches for some unknown reason when he mentions that he loves someone else. I fake my excitement.

"Really! Who is she?" I asked with a fake smile.

He smiled at me as his eyes lighten up.

"She's the most perfect girl ever. The girl I always dream of. It was like we were meant to be together."

He looked at me.

"And do you want to know who she is?"

I nodded my head even tho I didn't want to know. My heartfelt like it was bleeding to death.



I heard Blake cursed as I turned around. My eyes nearly fall out of their socket as I stared at the person in front of me.


Her eyes widen before she looks at me in disgust. She ran to Blake and cling to him, digging her nails into his bicep. He winces as he removed her away. More like shoved her harshly.


"Don't call me that," he sneered at her.



She huffed before remembering I was still in the room. She glared at me.

"Why are you here?!"

I scoffed.

"I should be asking the same thing."

Audrey used to Ashley and I's best friend. That was until I realized she only became friends with me to make her seem like a nice girl. Helping "outcast" like me.

I walked out of class, keeping my head low. As I turned the corner I heard laughter. Getting curious I listen to the conversation.

"Hehe. Hey, Audrey"

"Yeah?" I heard Audrey's voice.

"Why are you even friends with that nerd?" Mitchell's voice spoke.

I heard Audrey let out a laugh.

"I just pity her. And besides being friends with her can help make me look like a nice person to boys' parents."

They all let out a laugh.

"That is so smart!"

"I know right!"

I felt my blood boiled in anger as I listen to my so call friend. Suddenly they walked out of the corner.

Audrey saw me and smirked. She fake a pity.

"Aww. I guess you heard that. But all well. You know the truth, so get away from me!"

"You'll pay for that," I promised her.

She scoffed.

"Yeah right. You can't even back yourself up. You are just a weak stupid girl. Duh"

They all snickered as they walked away. I balled my fisted as I promised myself to get revenge.

~End of Flashback~

And it seems like today is my day.

I fake a smile at her.

"Long time no see, Audrey."

Blake's eyes furrow as Audrey paled a little.

"Who's Audrey?"

"Your fiancée."

Blake let out a growl.

"She's not my fiancée," he said through his clenched jaw.

Valerie or should I said Audrey let out a gasp.


"No, you're not!" He snapped back.

She let out a whimper.

"If I'm not then who is!?" She demanded.

Blake pulled me to his chest. He looked at me with so much love.

Oh, fuck no.

"Oh no, you do-"

He turned my body to where I was facing Audrey. He backed hugged me as he kissed the top of my head.

"Meet Alexis. The love of my life and my fiancée."

That's when all hell broke loose.

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