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Chapter | 25

"People say I
Act like I
Don't care.
It's not an


•Alexis' POV•

After Blake's little confession he has been following me everywhere. Like everywhere! I have to run to the bathroom and locked it every single time. Normally, I don’t have to worry since no one is home but now I have to since someone keeps clinging to me like crazy.

And the worst part was when he didn't allow me to go back to school. He threw a giant fit. He screamed, begged, and threw things on the floor. It was crazy.

But in the end, he suddenly agreed with an evil smiled. The next day I realized he switched all his schedule to be exactly like mine. He would also sit right next to me if not he would fuss at the teacher.

I groaned. How did I get myself in this situation?


I walked to Blake's house office and knock.

"Come in, Issy."

I opened the door and sat in front of him. He looked up at me before going back to his paperwork.

"You know you don't have a knock, right?" He asked.


"Ok good. Do you need anything?"

I nodded my head before realizing he wasn't looking at me.

"Actually yes. I want to go back to school."

His head snaps straight up as he stared at me with widen hardened eyes.


"But why? You can't keep me locked up in here."

He stared down at his paper as he wrote something down.

"I can and I will."

I stand up.

"You can't do that! And yes you will let me go to school!" I demanded.




"I will run away if you don't let me."

He glared at me, "You wouldn't."

"Yes, I would. I would run away with one of your guards."

He instantly reaches for my arm and pulled me on top of his lap.

"What did you say?" He sneered.

My eyes widen before I smirked. It's working.

"You heard me. I would run away with one of your guards if you don't let me go to school."

His arms tighten around my waist.

"You better stop."

"I'm serious."

"No, you aren't"

He pulled me out of his lap and stand up. Pulling his hair in frustration.

"You're not going to school with all those pervert guys," he stated.

I raised one of my eyebrows.

"So you're not a pervert."

"No. I'm actually a-a....v-virgin." He answers while blushing a deep red.


The whole place suddenly when quiet as the atmosphere became tense and awkward.

"Well um..." what was I supposed to say? Oh, I'm a virgin, too?

Nope, so instead I said.

"Haha. You're a good boy trying to act all tough. Haha!"

It was meant to be a joke but he took it literally. He came at me and shoved me to the wall.

"I can show you how much of a tough guy I am. I'm not a boy, sweetheart. I'm a man." He said as he tried to act all manly.

I burst out laughing leaving him confused.

"HAHA! You're so funny. You're still the same old silly Blakie Bear I remembered."

His eyes harden.

"I am not!"

"Yes, you are," I spoke in a baby voice.

"No, I'm not!"

I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever. But can I go to school? Wait I shouldn't need to ask you in the first place. So bye I'm going to school tomorrow."

I was going to head back to his room when he grabbed my hand.

"You will not go to school." He demanded.

"Nah. I'm going to school."

"No, you're not!" He threw a book at the wall.

My eyes widen in horror. Damn. Dramatic much?

"Woah there. Buddy. What are you doing?"

He grabbed my arms and stared at me. Anger was clearly shown in his eyes. I gulp.

"You're not going to school, gattina!"

"You can't tell me what I can and can not do!" I screamed at him.

Man. Why are we both dramatic? It's just school.

"You know. I'm starting to want to run away with one of your guards." I stated.

His eyes widen as he quickly pleaded.

"No! I take back what I said. Please no! I will do anything."

"Let me go to school."

"Shit," he mumbled.

I raised my eyebrows. He let out a sigh.

"Fine..." he suddenly said with a smirk.

I fist bump into the air.

"Yes! Wait. Why do you have a smirk?"

"That's for me to know and you to never find out."

I groan. I knew I wouldn't like what he was going to plan when I find out.

~End of Flashback~

And boy was I right. I ignored Blake as he tried to get my attention.

"Alexis! Speak to me!"

I glared at him as I turn my attention back to the teacher. Ashley and Peter aren't helping either. I was super excited when I saw them but now I dread it.

They have been wiggling their eyebrows and giggle every time they saw Blake followed me like a lost puppy.

My lost puppy, tho.

In a friendly way, I think?

The teacher was talking about atoms when suddenly the door opened revealing the principal and a beautiful girl behind her.

I felt jealous as I stared at her long blond hair and her slim body. Along with her striking blue eyes and perfect facial features.

I looked at Blake and saw him staring at the new girl. I felt jealous, but when he looked at me and smile I felt so much better.

"Hello, Mr. Gray and class. This is your new student Jessie Gloss."

The girl came to the front and waved at everyone with a perfect smile on her face. But the moment her eyes landed on Blake she kept staring at him in...lust.

I suddenly felt anger. But I kept my cool. Blake took my hand and bought it to his mouth as he kissed my knuckles.

"You're adorable. Gosh, I been wanting to tell you that."

I blushed and turn back to the new girl. She glanced between Blake and me before glaring at me.

"Hello, Ms. Gloss. Please take a seat."

She smiled and walk to the seat next to Blake. I rolled my eyes. Of course.

She sticks her hand out.

"Hi. I'm Jessie."

Blake rolled his eyes as he ignored her.

"Yeah, I already know. You said your name to the whole class earlier, didn't you? Now leave me alone."

He turns his back to her as he smiled at me. The girl named Jessie glared at me with daggers as she saw how close Blake was to me.

I guess this year will be dramatic.

To be continue

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