Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 01

It's the way
her soul dances
When he smiles at her

-Beth Michelle

•Alexis' POV•

Wake up bitch it's time for school! Wake up wake u-


I threw my 6th alarm clock this week at the wall. I regret putting Ashley's voice as my alarm. Her wake-up call is so freaking loud!

I snuggled back into my pillows, slowly going back to sleep when all of a sudden I heard yelling.

"Wake up bitch! Wake up!"

I thought I broke that stupid alarm clock. I lift my head and check.

Yup. It's destroyed all right. Like definitely destroyed.

Then who the hell is yelling at me to wake up?

"Lexi! Come on! Your uncle wants to see you before you leave!" I heard a familiar voice shouted at me.

Dang, it. I forgot.

Today is my first day back at my old school. Yes, the same place where I got bullied every day.

So many bad memories, I shivered. I hate that place. But at least I can finally go to the same school as Ashley.

"Ok. Ok. Just tell Uncle John to hold his horses. If not tell him to ride it somewhere else."

I could tell she was rolling her eyes, even if my eyes are closed.

"Mhm. Not going to happen. PETER!"

I instantly perk my head up. She better not bring him in here.

Peter, is my uncle and aunt's son and their only child. He is well, let's just say, annoying and a pain in the ass.

"What do you want woman! Oh. I see now."

The last thing I saw was Peter smirking before I felt a heavy body squeezing the life out of me.

I gasped.

"P-peter! G-get your elephant ton ass off of me!"

He mocked gasp as he got off of me.

"I know I'm thick but you didn't have to offend me like that!"

Sometimes, I wonder how I am related to this guy. And some other times, like right now, I wonder if he is gay.

All three of us stared at each other before we burst out laughing. I maybe hate them sometimes but I love them to death.

"Ok guys. I'm going to get ready now. So shoo!"

Ashley rolled her eyes as she got up to leave.

"About time. We only have 20 minutes before we have to go to school."

My eyes widen as I jump straight out of bed.

"2-20 minutes! It takes me an hour to get ready!"

Peter clapped his hands, "Well chop-chop. Less talking and more moving!"

I glared at them once more before quickly getting into the shower. I turn on the water and did the quickest shower I could do.

I turn off the water and step out, making sure I dried my hair and body before putting on my undergarments and bra.

Finally, I did my skincare and added on a coat of mascara, along with eyeliner and chapstick.

I brushed my semi-wet hair as I checked my phone. I cursed as I only have 5 minutes left. I guess I will be late on my first day of school.

Luckily I chose an outfit last night. It would take me ages if I didn't.

I put on some black rip jeans along with a dark green crop top with a black leather jacket. I tied my black checker's vans up before checking the mirror. I didn't feel nice but this was enough for today.

I'm running out of time anyways. I grabbed my backpack and quickly ran down the stairs. Tripping the last couple of steps but I quickly regain myself from falling.

"There's my beautiful niece," my Uncle greeted me.

"Hey, Uncle John. And morning Aunt Lisa."

They both greeted me back.

I grab my plate before dragging Ashley and Peter with me.

"Bye, Lexi! Good luck with school! Show them who's the real boss is!" My uncle yelled from the diner room.

I chuckled I sure will.

"Oh and Ashley! Make sure to ask if you are allowed to sleepover!"

"Sure will Mr. Carter!" Ashley yelled.

"So. Which car?"

They scan the garage before picking a white Mercedes.

"Nice taste, bestie. Oh, and of course you too, Peter."

He scoffs.

"Whatever. Let's just go to school. I want to see everybody's reaction."

I grin as I drove out of the front way.

"Same. There's a new Alexis Carter and she is going to put those bitches in their place."

"I know you will!"

But little did I know, today would change my life forever.

In a good way tho.

To be continued...

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But again thank you for reading!

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