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Chapter | 28

Without deep reflection
one knows from daily life
that one exists for other people.

-Albert Einstein

•Alexis' POV•

A week had passed already since my brother came back. We did a lot of catching up, even when Blake wouldn't let me leave the house.

He even threatens to chain me to his bed if I spend a whole day with my brother, again. But I threw a knife behind his head, scaring the hell out of him.

I know, that sounds violent. But I was trained by my Uncle, so there was only a 1% chance that I would hit his head.

Right now I'm currently sitting at a café chilling with my brother.


"So?" I repeated.

"What's going on with you and Blake? Are you guys a thing?"

My face is probably red as a tomato making their assumptions seem correct when it wasn’t.

"What?! Why would you ask that! No! We are not dating, nor do I have feelings for him."

He glances behind me before looking at me.

"So you're fine if he was having lunch with another girl, " he pointed at something behind me.

I turn and did a take-back. By the window, close to the back, of the café was Blake and a beautiful girl. She had long brown hair and a nice body. The side of her face is perfect!

My heart clench as I saw Blake laugh with her. But what was shocking was when the girl put her hand on top of Blake's.

What was worst was when he didn't even remove his hand away from her.

My eyes widen as I turn back to my brother. I am not jealous. I can't be falling in love with that idiot.

I look up and saw Adam looking at me with amusement. His chin was resting on the palm of his left hand as he smirked at me.

"So, little sis. You're sure you aren't j-e-a-l-o-us?"

"No," I stubbornly said.

"You sure?"

I nodded my head. No way am I falling in love with that monkey head. Adam shook his head as he gave me a sly smile.

"You sure, cause, they seem pretty close to me. She's probably his girlfriend, that he never told you about."

I look at my thighs as I let my thoughts wander off.

If she was his girlfriend why did he let me stay at his house? Besides, I'm just his childhood friend, nothing more...

"Hey. Hey! Alexis!"

I shook my head as I look at Adam.


"You didn't respond when I called your name. Which was like 11 times."

I gave him a sheepish smile.


"Do you want to leave now?"

I nodded my head. We got up, making sure to leave a tip. I hid behind Adam as we got closer to Blake.

Somehow my blood began to boil as I saw how close the girl was to him. I was jealous of how beautiful she was. And how close she was to Blake.

I clench my hand into a fist. I need to control myself, he's not even my boyfriend. He has the right to date anyone.

But I instantly snap when I saw the girl lean over the table and went closer to his lips.

I stormed over and pulled her away just as her lips were about to land on Blake's.

"What the heck!" She yelled at me.

I glared at her with full anger, making her gulp.

"I-I'm going to the bathroom."

She ran to the bathroom leaving me alone with Blake. What happens to Adam?

I look back at Blake and instantly felt embarrassed. Why did I do that?

He didn't look annoyed at me but more amused and happy.

"Where you jealous, babe?"

My eyes widen at the nickname.

"N-no. And I'm not your babe, since you're going out with her," I stated with a hint of jealously.

He tilts his head and gave me a sly smile.

"W-what? I'm serious," I crossed my arms across my chest to show how serious I was.

He walks over to my side as I took a step back. Suddenly the whole café felt empty and quiet. He leans close to my face, I could smell the coffee that he drank.

"You were jealous." I shiver as I felt his breath fan my neck.


"Just admit it, Alexis. You do have feelings for me."

I shook my head. He sighs as he grabbed my wrist and place it over his chest.

"You feel that?" He asked.

Thump. Thump Thump...

His heart was racing just as fast as mine. But I bet I was louder than his.

"This is how I feel whenever I see you. No one but you can make me feel like this."


He back away, staring at me with stormy blue eyes. I held my breath as he held my body in place with his eyes.

"You don't have to say anything. I can wait, even if it means laying on my death bed."

I let out a breath as I stared at him. His eyes held love and want as he gave me a warm smile.

What did I do to deserve such a guy?

He was going to turn away, but I stopped him. I turn him around. He looks at me in confusion, but before he could say anything I press my lips to his.

I let my lips stay there for a couple of seconds before pulling away.

Damn. I freaking kiss him!

But Woah! He got some soft lips.

"Did you j-just k-kiss me?" He asked.

He touches his lips as he stared at me with wide eyes. I look at him through my lashes as I shyly look at him.

"I too," I mumbled.


My heart dropped. So he doesn't like me? Am I a joke to him?

"I-I said I l-like you too," I stammer.

I look at my shoes as he stays silent. Suddenly he gripped my chin, forcing me to look at him. There was a giant smile on his face.

He pulled me into a tight hug as he kept kissing the crown of my head.

"Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!"

He picks me up and spins me around.

"The planned work!" Someone yelled from the back.

I glanced back to see the girl and Adam cheering. I turn and look at Blake with a raised eyebrow. He gave me a cheeky smile as he set me down.


To be continue

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