Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 29

"In three words
I can sum up everything
I've learned
about life: it goes on."

-Robert Frost

•Alexis' POV•

I woke up to light feathery kisses all across my face. I turned and lean closer to the warmth. I let out a sigh of satisfaction as I cuddled closer to the warm source.

The warmth snuggled closer to me, making me feel sleepy. I let out a yawn as I began to dozed off. I heard a small mumble, but I was already gone.

I woke up a second time, not remembering what happened just a few hours or minutes ago. The warmth that was there before was gone.

I frowned as I realized I was on a bed. His bed. Wasn't I in the car? I frowned, even more, when I saw a note next to me.

I pick it up and read it.

To Babe,

I rolled my eyes at that. He didn't even ask me out yet. I continue reading.

My whip to my cream. My light to my darkness. I hope you don't get mad at me when you read this. I won't be home for the rest of the night. If you are hungry I cook some lasagna, for you. I hope you like it. Don't wait for me, I'll be home soon. Love you with all my heart. Xoxo

Your one and ONLY man,

I cringed at the beginning before feeling a bit pissed off. I crumbled the note and threw it in the trash can.

"That guy really must have an extra pair of balls laying around, " I mumbled.

How dare he leave me alone! He didn't have the guts to wake me up and say goodbye. Now I have no one to boss around and make fun of.

I pulled the cover away, against my will, and went to the closet. I dug around, surprised at all of my clothes were there.

I grab a crop top along with some sweats, not forgetting my bra and undies, before heading to the bathroom.

I locked the bathroom door before getting undress. I turned on the water and stepped it, letting the warm water hit my body.

I stare straight ahead as I let my mind wander to places. Where is Blake? Why won't he be home today?

I shivered as I thought of the chance of him cheating on me. No way, he confessed to me...

Maybe it's something to do with the Mafia gang problem... Yeah. That's the reason why he isn't here, cuddling next to me and giving me food like he is supposed to.

I turn off the water once I finished showering. I grab the towel by the shower and quickly wrap it around my body.

I giggled as I stare at my reflection. My hair was sticking straight up, one of my eyebrows was fluffed up while the other one was going down, and the funny part was I look like an old vampire.

My wrinkle pale skin, from staying in the water too long, my slightly red shot eyes from the shampoo, and my dark brown hair causing my skin to look paler.

I made a face before drying myself and doing my skincare. I brushed my now almost dry hair as I look at my outfit.

Eh. Not too bad.

I set the brush down as I ran to the bed and jump on it. I spread my arms and legs out as I try to flap them. But I landed on the bed before I could even fly.

"Darn it!"

Now. I'm bored.

I cuddled with the pillows as I saw the phone that Blake gave to me a long time ago. Wow. After all this time I finally found it.

I grab the phone and check for any services.


There was a full strong service in this mansion. I was scrolling through Instagram when suddenly I saw a picture of Ashley pop up.

There was a post that says 'I know you are there! Call me now! You know who!'

My eyes widen. Was she talking to me! Nah. She's probably talking to Peter...

But I exit the app and called her anyways. It didn't even ring before she answers.


"You don't need to say anything. I'm on my way with food, Kpop things, and more."

Before I could even respond, she hung up. I pulled the phone away from my ear and stare at it.

"Um. Ok?"

Within 10 minutes a guard was knocking on Blake's bedroom door.

"Come in!" I shouted.

The door opened, revealing a guy around his 30's.

"There is someone named Ashley who claims to be your best friend. Do you know an Ashley, Mrs. Peterson?"

I blushed when he called me Mrs. Peterson.

"I-I'm not M-Mrs. Peterson..."

His eyes widen and his mouth gaped a little before he quickly went back to his blank face. He bows down to me.

"I'm so sorry, Miss..."

"Just call me Alexis."

He hesitated.

"Miss A-Alexis, I'm so sorry. Mr. Blake has been telling everyone that he was engaged with a girl named Alexis Carter. He even showed us a picture of you."

My mouth dropped as I listen to him. That little brat!

"Oh, it's ok. And we are not in any relationship"



It went into an awkward silence. It stayed like that before an angry Ashley came storming in. Along with a pack of bodyguards.


Ashley turned and glared at the guy who said that.

"Watch me. And if you dare lock me out of my friend's house, again, Imma kicks your ass across America."

The guards seem unfazed, probably not impressed by her small figure. But let me tell you. She can fight!

They start attempting to grab her.


They stopped and bow down to me.

"Will you guys stop bowing at me!"

They kept their heads down as they reply.

"No can do, ma'am. Boss's order."

I rolled my eyes. Of course, Blake would do that.

"Well he's not here, so do whatever you want."

Their heads shot right up. Their eyes widen.


"Nope. No buts. If you don't listen I will tell Blake."

They quickly shook their heads.

"Please don't tell our boss!"

I crossed my arms.

"Then go relax and do whatever you want. And also let go of Ashley"

They let go of Ashley but they hesitated to leave. I raised my eyebrows.


They thank me once again before leaving. Ashley came up to me and smirked.

"Already got everyone wrap around your fingers, I see."

I rolled my eyes.

"Why are you here anyway?"

She pulled out a giant fluffy blanket along with several bags, that came out of nowhere.

"Duh! We are having a sleepover!"

Just great...

To be continue

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