Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 30

A room without books
is like a body
without a soul.

-Marcus Tullius Cicero

•Alexis' POV•

I shove some lasagna in my mouth as I told her about the note Blake left. I was upset. I woke up with no one cuddling with me.

"He did that!" Ashley commented.

"Yes!" I shrieked.

Ashley set her fork down before shoving a big chunk of lasagna in her mouth.

"I should be mad at him for doing that to you, but wow." She shoved another piece in her mouth, "He can cook!"

I rolled my eyes.

Her and her food.

Ashley pointed a fork at me.

"Don't roll your eyes at me. You know you love food too. You eat like a pig and look like a pig. Might as well admit it, before I eat all of the lasagnas. And you know lover boy wouldn't be happy about that."

I stole a piece of lasagna from her.


She pokes me with her fork.

"OW! Wait-EW!"

She stole her lasagna back. She sticks her tongue out as she ate it with her mouth open. I cringed.

"So what is going on between you and Peter?" I suddenly asked.

I noticed her body tense before she relaxed. She looks behind me as her eyes clouded. She was thinking. I mentally smirked. I'm going to spy on their next date.


I raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah right. The last couple of times I saw you guys you two were getting all close and stuff. You even kissed his cheek! You always said how much you dislike him!"

Ashley's face redden. She quickly shook her head.

"No! No! You are thinking wrong. I only k-kissed his cheeks, b-because... we grew closer when you were gone, " she tried to convince me.

"Sure, " I said sarcastically.

"Fine! We a-are..."

I encouraged her to continue, even though I knew the answer.


I burst out laughing. She started at me with a blank face. I can't believe that PETER CARTER has a girlfriend!

"Why aren't pant you laughing?" I manage to say.

"Nothing is funny here."

"Yes, it is!"

"No, it isn't."

"Ye-" I was interrupted by someone opening the front door.

We both hop off the dining table as we got ready to fight. In came Blake with his hands full as he tried to balance everything. I glanced at the clock next to him and saw that it was 2 in the morning. Dang. We have been up too long. He set it down before looking at us.

"Ah!" He screamed.

"AHH????" Both Ashley and I screamed in confusion.


"Ah. Ha?"

We all look at each other before Blake spoke first.

"Why are you still up?" He asked.

"Why are you coming home late, Mr?" I asked back.

"I'm just going to go eat, bye." Ashley gave me a small smile before she went to the kitchen.

"Where were you?" I asked him.

Blake came up to me and tried to hug me. Like I said tried. I step back as I pretended to be mad. I need information.


He let out a sigh.

"I was doing something."

I just stare at him.


"What is that something?"

If he is cheating on me, even though we aren't dating, Imma goes find that girl and drag her by her hair over here. And lock her up in the basement until her fake nails come off.

He hesitated.

"I w-was planning..."


"It is a surprise, ok."

A small grin appeared on my face but it quickly disappeared. A surprise for who? I wanted to ask, but instead, I let the situation slide.

"So I see that you and Ashley like the lasagna I made, " he said with a small smile.

Changing the topic, huh.

"Yeah. It was really good. I didn't know that you could cook, " I stated.

He let out a shrug.

"It's nothing. I used to love to cook until my dad passed the Mafia King title to me."

His eyes held pain before it quickly washed off. He looks at me and gave me a warm smile. I almost melted.

He suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged me to his bedroom. I dug my feet to the ground, trying to stop both of us. He stopped before turning back to me.

"Why aren't you following me."

"Why are you dragging me to your room, " I questioned him.

"It's our room, " he corrected.


"Just follow me."

I shut my trap and follow him.

Instead of walking to his room he took a sharp turn to the right and opened a door I didn't even know existed.

"What about Ashl-"

"She's won't know. I bet she is stuffing food in her mouth and laughing at a movie, right now."


Ashley stared at the screen as she let out a chuckle. She sat Indian style as she enjoyed BTS Funny Moments on Youtube.

She stuffed a handful of cheddar popcorn in her mouth, never leaving her eyes off the screen.

"Haha," she laughed with her mouth filled.

"That's funny-oh shit! I RAN OUT OF POPCORN! SOMEONE GET ME MORE!"

She pouted as she stared at her now-empty bowl.

"I want my popcorn."

•Back to the story•

"I RAN OUT OF POPCORN! SOMEONE GET ME MORE! " a too-familiar voice shouted.

"Should we check on her?"

"Nah. She can wait. I want to show you something, first."

"Um. Ok."

He grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open. I gasped as I saw where the door lean-to.

It leads to the backyard. There were lanterns put in rows that led us to a giant hammock with white pillows and a giant ass white fluffy blanket.

The hammock hung on a giant tree with purple flowers. Is that lavender? Probably not.

There were fairy lights wrapped around the tree trunk, bringing the area to life. I covered my mouth and let out a gasped as I stared at the night sky. It was filled with stars, a perfect time to lay on a hammock.

I turned and look at Blake with wide eyes.

"Welcome to your first date with me."

To be continue

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