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Valentine’s Bonus

Where're my single people at!
I know I'm not alone.

Blake's POV

Ring ring!

I let out a small groan as I stuffed my face in my pillow. My phone rang a couple of more times before it was silent again. I let out a sigh.

"At las-"

The ringing came back on again. I groan as I lifted my head off the pillow and pick up the call.

"Hello?" I mumbled.

"Did you just wake up?" I girly voice asked from the other side.

"No. I was too busy taking a shit."


"No, duh! I was sleeping until you called."

This person is stupid. Whoever is even calling.

"Who is this again?"

"Dude. I was just at your house two days ago."

I pulled my phone back and look at the caller. Ashley(Alexis' demon of a friend).

"Oh. Hey, Ashley." I tried to act casual.

"Sup. Anyways. I called you to see what you got for Alexis?"

I furrowed my eyebrows. What was I supposed to give Alexis, today? Was I supposed to give her something?

"Get her what?"


It was silent in the other line that I thought she hung up. I was about to hang up the call when she spoke again.

"Dude! What is today?"

I look at my desktop and glanced at the date on my computer. It reads February 14, 10:01 a.m.

"February 14."

I heard a small *smack* on her side of the call.

"It's Valentine's day!" She yelled.

"And? What's so special about it?"

"IT'S VALENTINES DAY! She's going to expect you to give her something! Just give her chocolate or at least give her something from the bottom of your heart." She explained.

"You want me to give her the bottom of my heart?"

What world is she living in?

"You know what. I'm done talking. Figure it out yourself. Beep beep."

I let out another groan as I fell back into the bed. I was about to fall asleep again when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," I yelled at the pillow.

The door opened and no noise was made. Suspicious, I glanced up, ending up nearly having a heart attack.


I held my chest as I let out an uneven breathless laugh.

"Don't ever do that again, Alexis."

She gave me a 'sorry' look before placing a tray of food on my lap.


I glanced at the breakfast she made for me, stun. There were pancakes with my name written with chocolate sauce! On the side were scrambled eggs and freshly cut fruits. With orange juice.

"Y-you made this for me?"

I saw her nodded from the corner of my eyes.

"It's not much, but it's something. I hope you like it."

I took a bite and held in a moan. I placed my utensil down as I stare at her. Her eyes held worry in them.

"I don't like it," her face fell," I love it!"

Her eyes brighten up. I got out of bed, making sure not to spill the food, and squeezed her into a bone-crushing hug. I pamper her face with kisses as she let out an adorable giggle.

"S-stop it!"

She tried to push me away but end up hopeless.

"You know you like it."

Her nose scrunches up in disgust.

"Ew! Your breath stinks!"

I let out a loud, cracky, chuckled as she looks at me with a small pout.

"Hurry up and eat your breakfast before it gets cold."

I kissed her once more before dragging her with me to the bed. She let out a shriek as I placed her on my lap.

"What are you doing!"


I lifted my spork and put a piece of pancake in her mouth. She grins at me with her mouth full of chocolate.

"Happy Valentine's, Blakie Bear."

I pinched her cheeks, causing her to giggled.

"Do you like my gift? This is only part of it."

Her eyes held 'expecting' and love. My eyes suddenly widen. So this is what Ashley meant. My face was instantly pale as I felt my palms began to sweat to death.

"I-I um. Yes, I love it!"

"Did you get me something?" She asked with hope.

Think, Blake! Think!

"I-erm. Yes! Yes, I did. Just wait until dinner."

She nodded her head before rolling off my lap. Picking the tray off my bed.

"You should take a shower. You stink."

I nodded before rushing into the bathroom with my phone. I dial Ashley's number as I felt my heart beat faster and faster.

"I knew you will call me."

I rolled my eyes.

"I need your help."


I pant my sweaty hands on my pants as I held the giant teddy bear and flowers. I was currently hiding inside a giant box as Ashley stands at the doorstep.

She rang the doorbell, tapping on her feet until the door opened. But instead of Alexis, it was the guy. WHY IS HE IN OUR HOUSE?

I was going to go up to him and give him a piece of my mind when I remember that Alexis wouldn't cheat on me. I mean she wouldn't, right?

The guy argues with Ashley until Alexis steps up. She said something to Ashley which made her instantly happy. She jumped up and down before hugging the guy. Ok, now I am hella confused.

Suddenly he pulled back and held Alexis by her waist. Ok, that's it. I pop out of the box, ignoring the number of balloons, sparkles, flying out of it. All three of them look at me as I struggled to get out.

Alexis ran to me and helped me out. She looks at the teddy bear then at me before jumping at me.

"This is for me?"

I nodded my head, glaring at the guy. He had a smirk as he came closer to Alexis.

"You must be Blake. Her boyfriend, " he said in a mocking tone.

I wanted to punch his face.

"And you are?"

"I'm Lexi's best friend."

I pulled Alexis closer to me as she hugged the life out of the 5 feet teddy bear. It almost swallowed her entire body.

"So, Alexis. Do you have a Valentine date?" He suddenly asked.

My head snaps to his face. Can't he see that I'm holding her? Plus I'm her boyfriend.



She nodded her head.


She snuggled closer to her teddy bear before replying.

"My Blakie Bear."

I let out a proud smile as she said my name. Well, my nickname.

"Y-you chose him over me!"

She gave him a confused face.


"I love yo-"

I swing my fist to his jaw. Sending him flying across the field. I heard two gasped but I ignored them. I grabbed Alexis and pull her closet to me.

"My Alexis."

She let out a giggle.

"Bad Blake."

I smiled.

"Your bad blankie."

She pouted.

"Say sorry."

I shook my head no.

"I rather not. Anyways Happy Valentine's, baby."

She blushed as she kissed my cheeks.

"Happy Valentine's, Blake."

this chapter sucks.

I was rushing to make sure this chapter was published before the day ended.

Anyways Happy Valentine's!
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