Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 35

"If food isn't life,
I don't know what is"

•Alexis' POV•
Warning. A very weird chapter. I was bored and didn't know what to write

After my embarrassing break down, well not really, Blake made me go to sleep.

Even when if it was 1 in the afternoon. To make matters worst he doubles the number of bodyguards.

He kissed my forehead, made sure I was tuck in completely, before closing the door.

I let out a huff as I untangled myself out of the bed. He was crazy if he thinks I will be staying in bed for the rest of the day. I grab my phone by the nightstand and dial Ashley's number.

It didn't even ring once before she answered her phone. I could hear her munching on food as she says 'hello'.

When does this girl ever stop eating?

"Welcome to your worst nightmare..."

I stare at my phone as I was unable to say anything.

"Say something before I crawl inside this phone and attack you! I'm busy eating right now!" She hollers.

It was hard to hear, with all those crunching sounds. I guess, she didn't look at the contact before she picks up the phone.


There was the movement before she finally responded.

"Oh. Sup, Lexi."

"Are you free right now?"

"Yeah, I am. Totally not eating all the foods at the store..."


"I need to take a shit. Lexi, I already know. No need to tell me," she interrupted me.

"No. That's not what I m-"

"Oh shit! One of the workers saw me-Damn! She can run!"

I hear her breathe heavily as I heard a bunch of yelling in the background. What is this girl doing with her life?

"Yo! I'll be at your house in 5 minutes-Got to go! Bye!"

Before I could reply she hung up the phone leaving me completely confused. So, did she eat unopened food at the store or just casually eating in the middle of the store??

I shrugged my shoulders as I headed downstairs. I sat on the kitchen stool when I heard a loud banging sound on the door.

"She's here already?"

I just called her 2 minutes ago. I walked to the door and opened it only to review the mother of demons.

"Oh. It's you," Blake's stepmom sneered.

"Hello to you too," I mumbled.

Not wanting to be rude I grab her coat that she hung and threw it back outside. She scans me up and down before letting out a disgusted choking noise.

"I don't see my stepson would choose you over Valerie. I mean look at you."

I scoff.

"Have you seen yourself, lady?"

Her eyes widen, nearly falling out of its socket. She removed her gloves and raised her hand.

"Why you little-"

A loud slamming was heard from the front door. Ashley crumbled a bag of chips as she slowly looks at the scene in front of her.

"Now, who didn't have the nerves to not invited me. Cause you're damn wrong if you think I don't want to see some heads flying."

"Also. Did I mention that I outrun the store's officer with a bag full of snacks?"

"You're also friends with homeless people. Who are you!" Medusa my ass said in disgust.

That's when Ashley threw a bar of melted chocolate at her.

"I know. I KNOW! You did not just call me homeless you overgrown monkey head!"

She stomps her way over pushing me aside while glaring at her. Blake's stepmom's eyes burn with fury as she glared daggers at her.

"What did you just say to me?" She shriek.

Ash let out a laughed.

"Oh. Now you need some hearing aids. Granny, I know you ain't that old, but maybe I'm wrong. All that plastic and caked full of makeup did you no good."


"Yeah, I know. I'm gorgeous no need to say anything."

She let out a screamed as she tackled Ashley down. For a forty-year-old woman, she can fight. I back away debating over if I should be called Blake as the two animals fought.

Ashley snatches Cassidy's (I don't remember if I named Blake's stepmom) extension as she rolls them to where she was straddling Cassidy.

I think I saw some blond hair falling off. Oof, Cassidy is turning bald.

Mrs. Peterson let out a scream as Ashley covered her loud ass mouth.

"Next time you call me homeless or disrespect Alexis you deal with this chick, YOU UNDERSTAND."

Cassidy yank Ashley's hair.


"Your mama."

Ashley cringed as she realized her mistake.

"Wait, never mind. I wouldn't give birth to a child that is this annoying."

I finally decided to break these two up. Even if I want Blake's stepmom to get the whip.

"Now calm down you two. Especially you, you evil wi-"

Before I could finish they both dragged me into their little fight. I screamed as someone's long-ass nails dig into my skin.

I grabbed on them both as I tumbled backward, pulling them down with me. They both let out a yell as we landed with a loud thump.

Luckily both Ashley and I were fine, but I wish I could say the same about Cassidy. She was a complete mess. Her clothes were ripped and bruises were starting to form around her body.

"What the fuck happened here!" Blake's voiced boomed.

To be continue

I wrote this chapter out of boredom. This chapter is wack and cringy. I didn't even care how bad my grammar was.

Question of the day:
Why did Blake's stepmom show up?

Guys, I'm planning on updating daily for a month. Since school is canceled.

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