Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 37

"If life were predictable
it would cease to be life and
be without flavor."

•Alexis' POV•


"Yeah...right there. Mhm."

I moaned as Blake massage my back.

He said I should relax more instead of worrying about his 'wedding' and the incident that happened the other day.

I honestly didn't know he was that good at giving people massages. I wonder if he did it to anyone else.

What if it was his ex?

OR a girl!?

A burning sensation burns in my stomach as I thought of another girl getting a massage by Blake.

Woah! Alexis, chill! Stop being an overgrown possessive witch!

He presses on my shoulders as he massages it gently. I let out a groan when he cracked my back. Letting my stiff back relax.

That feels good.

In the background was some jazz song. It was supposed to help me relax as he massages my back.

"Is this good?" He asked as he added some pressure on my back.


My eyes were close as I let my body and mind relax in peace.

"Go to sleep, Alexis. You need it, " Blake whispered in the background.

I grunt in response as I slowly began to drift off to sleep.


I let out a groan as I rolled over to my side. I rubbed my eyes as my eyesight adjusted to the light.

"For the last time! I said I won't marry you!"

I sat up as I pulled my shirt, which was slightly lifted, down. I shift my legs to the edge of the bed and step on the floor.

I rubbed my eyes again as I walk to the source of the voice.

I creek the bathroom door revealing an angry Blake with a phone in his hand. It seems like he was trying his best not to break the phone and the person on the other side.

"What do you not understand!"


He raised his hand and dragged it down his face. He had an annoyed look on his face.

"For the last time, I said I will no-" he stops in the middle of his talking when he notices me.

"This is my final warning. So stop calling me!" He hung up as he walks up to me.

"Baby, you're awake."

I hugged him as he nuzzled his face into my hair.

"Who was that?"

He stiffens for a moment before replying.

"Valerie, " he answered in a bitter tone.


I didn't question him any further since I noticed how tense he was. And the anger that was rolling off his body.

I rubbed his back as he held onto me tightly. I kissed his neck several times, trying to cool him down. Which seems to be working, so I continue to peck his neck.

"Do you need a nice shower to relax you?" I asked when he was semi-calm.

He pulled back and gave me a smirk.

"Only if you join me."

I slap the back of his head

"Ow! Chill! I was just joking woman!"

I rolled my eyes as I gave him a playful glare.

"Ok. Ok. Now go take a shower. The towel is in the cabinet."

He kissed me before I left the bathroom. Soon after the shower was turned on and I was left some in the room.

I walk over to the rocking chair by the balcony as I pulled out a new book I was reading. I flip to the page that I stop at and continue reading. I honestly have no idea how long I have been reading but just when I was about to finish the book the door to the bathroom opened.

I didn't bother looking up as I read the last page. Just when I was in the last sentence it was snatched away from me.

"He-" I stopped in the middle of my yelling when I saw the view in front of me.

Mama Mia.

I can get used to this.

His wet messy hair was swept in front of his face causing a sexy shadow to form on his perfect face. Making his jawline seems even sharper looking.

I trail down seeing droplets of water on his toned 6 packs abs. I licked my lips. No need to look farther than that.

"You're done eye raping me, love?"

I blushed a deep red.

I suddenly realized I was staring at him when he only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

"W-what? I was not!"

He gave me a knowing look as he walks even closer to me.

Bitch, don't look at me like that! And stop coming at me! I don't need your juicy body to come near me.

Like do I need to build the rest of the Great Wall of Alexis' for you to stop?!

Before I know it he was right in front of me. I could feel the warmth radiating off his body. He leans close to my ears and said, "You know you love it."

And ladies and gentlemen I did the thing that first pop into my head. I kicked him to the area where the sun doesn't shine.

I raised my leg and knee him as hard as I can. There goes his baby maker. Wait-that could be my baby maker...

All well, I ran away even when he yelled my name.


I think I should go stay at Ashley or Peter's house for the night.


I ignored him and ran like my life depends on it.

To be continue


I hope you guys are safe! As for me, I am fine. For now. But I am very pissed off that BTS's concert will most likely be canceled this year.

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