Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 38

"If opportunity doesn't knock,
build a door"

•Alexis' POV•

I ran down the empty streets as I ran farther and farther away from Blake's mansion. I could still hear his voice echoing in my head. I pulled out my phone, not stopping, as I dialed Ashley's number.

"What?" That was the first thing she said to me.

"I'm coming over. I just kneed Blake and I need a place to stay, asap!"

My breathing was starting to be irregular as I slow down.

"Ok. I'll be standing outside."

"Ok. I should be their in-"

I stop on my track and shivered. I could feel someone's eyes burning through my skull. I turn around and look at my surroundings.



I shook my head and continue jogging.

"Sorry. I thought someone or something was following me."

I was beginning to feel paranoid.

"Maybe a wolf. It's almost 8, so you better hurry before they come and eat you."

I rolled my eyes at her statement.

"As if-"

My phone fell out of my hand as a hand covered my mouth. It smells like blood and alcohol. I mentally gagged as the large rough hand covered my mouth tightly.

I remain still as I look back. All I saw was a man with a black mask, black shirt, black pants, and-basically everything is black.

How could I not feel their presence or footsteps?

The dude looks pretty strong. He looks like he would be the type of person that would be easily defeated.

I let out a sigh.

"Well, this is a first." He suddenly spoke.

He dragged me to who knows whereas I thought of a plan. I can't call since my phone is broken but I can run away if I find this dude's weakness.

"Normally they will be fighting back and stuff. But you are awfully quiet, “ he said while looking around.

Distracted he loosens his grip on me giving me access to attack him. I elbow him in the eye, kick the back of his leg, and ran. He let out a groan as he fell face first, which was not part of the plan, but it works.

I look straight forwarded as I ran closer and closer to Ashley's house. I heard the man's yelling and other people's voices too.

I increased my pace when I heard their very loud footsteps coming closer and closer to me. My heart raced as I dare not look behind me.

If only I didn't knee Blake in the ball.

Do I regret it, tho?


"Hey! You! Come back!" one of them holler at me.

"Man, you are stupid if you think I will! Take your ton ass back to where you came from!" I yelled back.

Just when I was near Ashley's neighborhood someone tackled me down. I let out a gasped as two extra men jump on top of me and the other dude.

"I got her-Woah! Wait! No! No-oof!"

My eyeballs felt like it was about to pop out of it's socketed.

It was getting hard to breathe as the three heavy men press themself on me. I guess the guy on top of me felt the same way, cause he immediately kicks the two off and took a deep breath.

Just when I was about to make an epic escape again one of the guys grabbed me while the other had a cloth in his hand.

"Drug her," the guy that was sucking in some breath commended.

My eyes widen as the cloth came near and near to my mouth.

"Come on. Just breathe in already. I don't get it all day. I need to go home and eat."

I still held my breath as all three of them stare at me. The guys let out a sigh as they pick me up.

"Why did I sign up for this?" Mr. Kidnapper #1 stated.

"We had another else to do, " the other replied.

My throat began to burn as it got hard to hold in my breath. So I did the one thing I could think of. I breathe in.

And that's my friends, is how I fuck up my life.


•Blake's POV•
(Right after she kicked him on the balls)

I fell to the groan as I cover my precious gem. My eyes water as I let out another groan.

"ALEXIS!" I yelled out.

She's going to pay for that. With some punishment, of course.

I stood up and felt nothing. My eyes widen as I let out another yell.


I ran down the stairs and put my shoes on. I grab my jacket and gun as I chased after her. I cursed when I couldn't find her.


I took a guess and ran down the streets as I look around. Trying to find any clues that showed that Alexis was here.

Suddenly I realized that she was either going to go to Ashley's or Peter's house. I took out my phone as I texted both of them. Ashley immediately texted back. Stating that I need to call her asap.

"Hello?" I asked as I continue walking down the quiet street.

"Blake!" she said in a breathless tone.


I began to panic as many horrible possibilities, thoughts were formed in my head.

"I-I think she was kidnaped."


I was going to ask more when a crack noise was heard. I look down and raised my left leg.

"-she stops talking midway then her phone drop or something. I heard a bunch of yelling in the background too!"

"She was supposed to be at my house already!"

I half-listen to her as I pick up Alexis's cracked phone. My heart clench as only one possibility could be concluded.

"She really did get kidnapped..." I whispered.

To be continue

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