Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 40

"There are no secrets
That time does not reveal"

•Alexis' POV•

"Let me go!"

I rubbed my temple as Cassidy continued to yell and ranted. Her vocal cords have to be screaming at her at this point.

After Blake and everyone else came and save me, by simply tracking down the van, we tied Cassidy and Valerie down in the basement.

Valerie was struggling against the ropes and chair as Blake's stepmom yelled. I was having a headache, listening to her loud voice.

But oh, how the table has turned.

Ashley and Peter decided to stay in the living room with the three amigos while Adam, Blake, and I stayed in the basement with these two.

And now it's time to get some answers.

"What do you know about my parents' death?" I asked Cassidy.

"I'll never tell you!" She spat in my face.

I cringed.

Just when I was about to wipe away the spit, Blake came over and clean my face with a paper towel. His eyebrows furrowed as he wiped my entire face clean.

"Ok, Blake. That's enough, " I kissed his cheeks reassuring him that my face was okay.

"Whatever you say, gattina."

I rolled my eyes at him. We stare at each other until a cough was heard. We look away as Adam wiggled his eyebrows at us.

"Ok back to business."

"What do you know about my parents' death?" I repeated my question to Cassidy.

She remains silent.



That earned a slap from Blake. Two gasped were heard. One from me and one from Valerie. I knew him despite her but I didn't expect him to slap a woman.

"Tell her what you know or else you will get more than a slap!"

Cassidy trembled under his gaze as she gaped at him. She knew better than to mess with a Mafia King.

(I just realized that this is probably one of the very few chapters that mention 'Mafia' related stuff in this story...oops)

"I-I don't k-kn-"

"Don't lie!"


Blake grabbed her neck, squeezing it, but not too tight to where she can't breathe.

"Cassidy!" Valerie screamed.

"If you don't speak I will chock you to death."

Suddenly, Cassidy laughed. She threw her head back, laughing like a goat. Blake backs away as everyone looks at her in confusion.


"Shut up Valerie!" She sneered.

Valerie shut her mouth as she stares at her with wide eyes.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Why else would we asked?" I said.

She grinned, revealing all of her fake teeth.

"I killed your parents, Alexis."

My brain suddenly went blank. My body felt numb as everything began to stop.

How did I not know? The killer was right in front of me the whole time.

But why? Why would she kill my parents? They were innocent...

I didn't realize I felt it until I felt Blake's warm arms wrapped around me.


I shook my head as I steady myself. I look at Adam and saw that he had a similar reaction as I did. He was frozen in his spot as he stares at Cassidy.

"W-what?" I manage to mutter out.

She tilted her head to the side, grinning.

"I killed your parents just like I killed Blake's mother."

How could someone be so calm?

"Why?" Blake asked through clenched teeth.

Catherine narrowed her eyes at us.

"Why? Because they tried to tell your father that I killed your mother! They were in my way and were threatening me from fulfilling my plan! So I had to kill them."

"And you," she glared at me, "you were supposed to be dead too."

I walk straight up to her and grab a fistful of her hair. Making her look straight at me.

"But I'm not. And you will pay for what you have done, " I told her.

"Y-you k-killed someone?" Valerie asked after being quiet for a long time.

"You stupid girl! You're lucky I needed you or else I would have killed you too!"

My eyes widen as I stare at her. She was planning to kill Valerie even if she was innocent. Well, not that innocent.

"You are insane," I said in disgust.

She scoffed.

"You guys are all insane if you think you can kill me."

"What do you mean? We can easily kill you, " Adam stated.

She laughed.

"Is that so?"

I grabbed a gun from Blake's belt and slap it across her face. Her head snaps to the left as she slowly licked her lips.

She spat the blood out of her mouth before turning to me.

"Was that meant to hurt, little girl?" She sneered.

I gave the gun back to Blake which he gladly took away from me.

"That was supposed to be a warning. Showing that we won't hesitate to kill you."


I smirked.

"Hell is my home."

Before I could do anything the door to the basement slam opened and two gunshots were heard.

Bang! Bang!

Blake quickly grabbed me and dropped both of us to the ground. I look up and saw a figure standing by the doorway with their arm out pointing their gun at Cassidy.

I slowly turned my head and suck in a breath. I couldn't believe what I saw.

Cassidy laid limp on the chair, blood oozing out of her chest.

Valerie screamed as she violently pulled on her rope. I felt Blake loosen his hold as he sucks in a breath.

"Dad..." he whispered out.

I snap my head to Blake and saw him staring at the man that killed Cassidy. The man that resembled Blake in so many ways.

He smiled as he stares at us.

"Man, I been waiting for this moment."

Both Adam and I's jaw dropped as we stare at him.

"After I found out that she wife...* sucks in a breath* I been wanting to kill her."

"H-how long have you known? And how did you know she was here?" Blake asked.

I was shouted not knowing what just happened. My head was slowly registering what just happened.

"I found out yesterday when Cassidy was gone. She's done convincing and controlling me."

Blake's dad had a hard glare on his face as he spoke about Catherine.

"As for the second question. I tracked her. I can't believe I married her and believe her..."

Blake let out of me and walk to his father.

"It's fine. I forgive you. We finally killed her and that's what's matter."

Blake leans in and gave his dad an awkward father and son hugged.

"C-can I leave n-now?"

We all turned and stare at Valerie. I let out a sigh and untied her. Once the roped were off of her I grabbed her and said my last words to her.

"I want you to leave and never bother us again. Understand?"

She nodded and I let go of her. She scrambles faster than a mouse getting chased by a cat. I shook my head as I stare at the person that killed my parents.

"What do we do with her body?" I asked.

"Leave it to me," Adam and Mr. Peterson said.

They picked up her body and dragged her away. Blake walks over to me even though we were standing in a puddle of blood.

"We are finally at peace, " he whispered.

I snuggled closer to him as I hummed in response. We were finally free from the murder of our parent(s).

To be continue

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