Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 43

"You know you're in love
when you can't fall asleep
because reality is finally better
then your dreams."

•3rd person POV•

Two days have passed since Alexis and Blake arrived at Santorini, Greece. As expected it was a beautiful and magical experience.

Alexis was thrilled and overjoyed as she went sightseeing with Blake. She was in love with Santorini. It bought joy to Blake seeing how happy she was. Her happiness was his happiness.

'Hopefully, she would be this happy when I proposed' he thought.

Today was Alexis's birthday and he books a nice restaurant near the beach. He was planning to propose to her tonight. And boy was he nervous.

His palm felt sweaty as he wipes them dry on his pants for the 5th time. He readjusted his tie as he waited for her. He told her that they were just going out on a dinner date to celebrate her birthday. She believed it.

On the other hand, Alexis was finishing her look. She pats her dress down as she glances at herself. Today she was finally going to be 18, and she gets to spend it with Blake.

She smiles at her reflection before heading downstairs where he was waiting.

The sound of her heels clicking against the down marble floor caught Blake's attention. His mouth opened a little as he stares at her. She was beautiful.

Her hair curled perfectly flowed behind her back while her fast was glowing. Her painted red lips look inviting as he stares at it. And her dress, made her look like a goddess. The white dress was tight around the top and waist and was loose at the end. Flowers were imprinted on the dress making it look even more unique and beautiful.

Blake shakes his head and instantly made his way to her as she landed on the last step. He grabbed her hand and stare at her.

"You look beautiful as ever."

Alexis blushed as she thanked him. They both made their way to the car then drove to the restaurant. Alexis stares out the window in excitement as Blake admired her.

"Wow! Are we going to eat in there!?" She asked in shock.

The place was beautiful and massive.

"Yes. And we got a whole private room to ourselves." He answered her as he helps her out of the car.

They made their way to the restaurant as the waiter greeted them.

"Hello, Mr. Peterson and Ms. Carter. Please follow me as I lead you to your room."

Alexis was shocked by the service. It was amazing. Well, I guess that's what happens when you are rich. She thought.

Blake's grip tightens as he and Alexis follow the waiter. Her eyes travel around the restaurant as people around the room staring at them. She buried her face against his bicep as they walk closer to their room.

The waiter opened the door then look at them.

"Welcome to your room. Please enjoy and relax as we take your order, " as they walk inside the waiter whispered to Blake, "everything is ready."

He nodded as he pulls the chair for Alexis and himself. He glances at her and already notices that she was looking at the menu. Her eyebrows furrowed and she bites her lip as she looks at the menu.

"Found anything you like?"

She looks at him before pointing at a particular sentence.

"Past-it-io?" She tried to say the name of the food.

"Pastitsio" the waiter corrected her.

"Oh. Well, it seems delicious. Can I please get that?"

The waiter nodded as he scribbled it down.

"And for you, sir?"

"Souvlaki and get us two cups of water please."

He nodded as he excuses himself and left. Alexis turns her head and looks at the ocean view. Her breath hitch as she stares at the calm, clear ocean.

"Beautiful, " Blake mumbled beside her.

"I know right."

Suddenly a hand gripped her chin and forced it to face him.

"I meant you not the damn ocean."

She almost burst out laughing.

"Happy Birthday, Alexis." He pecked her forehead and rest his forehead against her's.

"Thank you," she whispered.

The moment was interrupted when a sound of footsteps was heard. The door opened revealing their waiter with a cart of food.

"Here you go, Mr. Peterson and Ms. Carter. Do you need anything else?"

Alexis shook her head as she quickly took a bite of the Greek lasagna. She held in a moan as the cheese melt in her mouth. Blake smiled then turn to the waiter. Signaling him to come closer.

"Bring the cake and set up everything in 10 minutes," Blake whispered.

Tony, the waiter who was one of Blake's friends nodded.

"If anything goes wrong shout 'abort!' And I will come and make sure she won't remember your rejection. Ok? Ok."

He left an annoyed Blake.

"You got to try this! It's freaking amazing!"

She took another big bite then look at Blake with her mouth full. Her cheeks were puff making her look like a chipmunk.

"You got a little something there."

He leans forward, and to her surprise, he licked the sauce from her cheek. Alexis blushed red as he sauce as he licked his lips. His eyes darken as he stares at her. She gulps as she stares back at him.

"Feed me."

She nervously got a forkful of the food then slowly placed it in his mouth. He chewed it before staring at her.

"That is good."

"Told ya!"

They continue to eat in peace while admiring the beautiful view. Blake mentally high-five himself for bringing her to Greece.

Just when they finish their food the door opened revealing Tony with a Lava cake and some champagnes.

"Happy Birthday, Miss Alexis."

Alexis stares at him in shock as he placed the cake in front of her. Lava cake! Her favorite.

"Thank you..."

He nodded before giving Blake a nod that everything was ready. Blake nodded before staring at Alexis.

"Make a wish, baby."

She blushed at the nickname then close her eyes. I wish for Blake and me to be happy and one day have a family together. Oh, and for Ashley and Peter to be together forever.

She blew the candles then look up at a smiling Blake.

"What did you wish for?"

"Like I would tell you."

He flicked her on the nose then cut a slice out of the cake making the ice cream and the chocolate inside ooze out. Her mouth drooled at it.

She took a bite and mentally did a happy dance. This was the best birthday, even if it was simple.

Suddenly, the lights were turned off. She gasped as she practically jumped at Blake.

"Hold up! Who turned off the damn lights! Imma hunt down that person!"

Blake, on the other hand, was calm. Everything was going like it was supposed to.

"Baby, close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."

"Isn't turning off the lights enough for you?"


She let out a sigh and compelled. He grabbed her wrist and guide her out of the room and towards the beach.

"Can I open my eyes now?"

"Not yet."

They walk a little farther until Alexis could feel sand on her sandals.

"Now can I?"

He let go of her hand before saying, "Open."

Her eyes flew open and scan the area. She cover her mouth in shock when her mind registered everything. The words 'Marry Me' glowed in front of her. The sunset made the setting look even more perfect.

She let out an even bigger gasp when Blake kneeled.

Bitch, stop gasping and blushing, Alexis thought to herself.

"Ok don't come at me but I suck at these things," she let out a laugh at how nervous he was.

"Ever since I met you I always was so grateful that God finally gave me someone that I will love for the rest of my life. My heart race like I just ran a marathon when I see you...I-I...oh forget it...Will you marry me and be my lovely wife?"

He fumbled in his pocket, revealing a box. He looks at her with love while opening the box.

Alexis stares at him and instantly knew she would indeed want to spend the rest of her life with him. Her wish did come true.


Rose petals suddenly fell from the sky and landed on them as Blake quickly put the ring on Alexis and kissed her.

Cheers and congratulations were heard as Blake pick her up and spin her around.

Tony was dabbing away fake tears as he shook his tissue in the air.

"I love these two, bitches."

She giggled as she stares at her fiancé.

"I love you." She grinned.

He grinned back at her and said the same words back at her.

"I love you too."

The End


So like I sort of rushed it but I hope you guys enjoy the last chapter. Thank you to everyone who has been following me and reading this book since day 01. I was honestly shocked by the number of readers reading this story.

Before you guys come at me, yes there will be an Epilogue, and there will be some bonus chapters! So stay tuned for that!

Again, thank you to everyone who has been reading this story and supporting it!

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