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Bonus | I’m Pregnant

"Baby loading..."

Blake's POV

"Dude, stop your sniffling. It's getting on my nerves, " Adam yelled from the living room.

I sniffed again and cross my arms across my chest.


He pauses the TV then turns around giving me a look. He was obviously annoyed that I was coming over and whining.

"She loves you, chill! Alexis is probably on her 'girl week' thing."

I walk over to him and slump on the couch next to him.

"But she has been avoiding me and getting annoyed at everything! At this point, she loves the walls more than me!" I whined.

He gave me another look.

"It was true, " I said with wide eyes, "Alexis been talking to the wall more than me! She rarely talks or looks at me. Every time she sees me she run away. And when I made her some Ice Cream Crepes she threw up all over me!"

He burst out laughing but stopped when loud footsteps came storming down the stairs. Adam's eyes widen as he looks at the stairs in fear.

He looks at me and mumbles, "shit."


Jennifer, his wife, glared at him with her arms crossed against her chest. I slowly made my way to the door as she continues glaring at him.



Suddenly a loud cry was heard in the room upstairs along with another baby yelling, "Mommy! Claire is crying again!"

Her eyes widen. She took off her shoe and threw it at Adam. It landed perfectly at his head.


"Look at what you did! You woke up the babies!" She whispered yelled.

"Me?! What! You are the one yel-"

"Do you want me to hit you with my other shoe?"

I turn the door handle and dashed my way out of the house. I rather have Alexis ignored me than get fuss at Jennifer. That woman is scary!

I got inside the car and just sat there. What did I do wrong to get Alexis to ignore me and get all moody with me?

•Alexis' POV•

"Just pee on the damn stick!" Ashley yelled at me.


"Come on! There is a high chance you are pregnant."


"Yes!" She interrupted me, "You been throwing up, been super moody lately, and been very picky with your food. What happened to the girl that eats everything with me."

I let out a sigh and grabbed all 6 sticks and walk inside the bathroom.

After 5 minutes of waiting and listening to her rant about being a godmother and aunt-in-law, the test was finally ready.

"Omg! Omg! Om-"

I stop her and close the door on her as I flip each test around and look at the small rectangle box.

2 lines.

I burst out laughing and stare at my stomach in amazement.

"Why are you laughing?!" Ashley asked as she barge into the bathroom.

I held the stick and smile at her.

"I'm pregnant!"

"I knew it! What did I tell you!" She hugged me and start naming some ideas for the unborn baby or babies.

"We have to tell Blake!"


The sound of a car engine turning off was heard. We look at each other and look out the window. Blake was getting out of the car with boxes of food and a bouquet of roses and daisies.

"Your man is home and looks like he got some surprises," Ashley smirked.

I held one of the sticks in my hand and walk downstairs with Ashley trailing behind me.

"Lexi?" Blake places the food on the counter and looks around the house.


He turns around and he looks at me with a surprising look.

"You said hi!"

"Yeah, I did?"

He ran over to me and hugged me tightly. He kisses my head and face and snuggles closer to me.

"Oh. I nearly forgot. I got you these flowers."

I smile and took them out of his hands. His eyes landed on the test and his eyebrows cress in confusion.

"What's that?"

I glance back at Ashley. She gave me a thumbs up and gesture for me to go on.

"I'm pregnant!"

His face shows shock before they burst into happiness.

"I'm going to be a dad!" Someone seems happy. I smile warmly and rubbed my very small bump.

He smiled brightly before he fainted.

His loud and hard thump shook the floor making some of the boxes of food that was over the edge fall on the grown.


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