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Bonus | Baby Mama Ready To Pop

Sup. (random updated about my life)
I've started to learn how to cook and after many tries and fails I finally "master" it and can flip a piece of bread on a hot pan with my bare fingers. 0_O

I rewrote this chapter so many times but it still so weird and cringy. But I said 'fuck it' and publish it anyways. Anyways, enjoy it!

Read the message at the bottom. please🥺

•Alexis' POV•

"Who's paying for all of this?" Blake asked, eyeing the extra, extra, EXTRA large m&m bag.

I glance at the cart fill with food and look back at him. He had an annoyed look on his face.

"You of course. Duh." Did he think I was going to pay all of this? I was only going to pay 10% of it.

"Ok, but who's eating all of this?" I heard him ask from my right when I place a bowl of watermelon in the cart. I look up at him and gave him a rested look. "Me. And your son who needs triple the amount of food I normally eat."

He instantly put his hands up in the air and let me be. I was heavily 8 months pregnant and I was craving more and more food. I would cry all the time and get sleepy so easily. Just walking to the bathroom made me feel exhausted, but today I suddenly had a burst of energy to go to the store. Our son wasn't due until another half a month, I should be on bed rest but the baby boy wanted to go to the store.

I rub my swollen stomach and cling to Blake as he strolls the cart to the check-out section.

"Do you need to sit down?" Blake asked me. He glances at me with worried eyes as he places all the food on the scanner.

I shook my head.

"I'm fine," I said, but somehow my voice came out strain.

He caught the tone of my voice and immediately ordered me to sit down on the bench outside of the store. I huff, not wanting to leave his warmth but when he used the baby's health against me I instantly walked over to the bench.

I sat there, lonely, as my dear hubby stares at the long list of food on the screen. I read articles about being a first-time mom to speed up the time, but I still felt so bored. Suddenly, out of nowhere someone tripped over my swollen feet that I stretched out. My eyes widen slightly when the person landed on their face with a long thump.

The nosy store covered up the noise but the people around me turn and glance at her before rushing out of the store.

"Umm. Miss are you alrig..." my words stop in my mouth when the person stood up and looks at me.

It was Mitchell.

Her red face was from the fall scrunched up in disgust when she saw me. I guess some people don't change.


"Mhm. Yeah, me." I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"You tripped me!" She hollers, jabbing a finger at me.

"I see, " I was bored talking to her and so was my baby boy. I subconsciously rubbed my stomach without knowing. Her accusing eyes instantly went down to my stomach. A smirk growing.

"I see you got knock-up, do you even know who the baby's daddy is?" She said with fake pity. I rolled my eyes at her. If she thinks I had a one-night stand, all well. At least I can get a man and she can't.

"I do. It's Blake's baby." I told her, smiling when I saw the smug look on her face wash away.

"You're lying!" She yelled out, "I'm supposed to carry his baby!" She screamed even louder, making the area we were at quiet.

"Bitch, please. I'm married to him for Pete's sake!"

Blake, you better get your ass over here or someone brings the police over.

"No. You're lying. He should have left you by now. " her face should disbelief before it vanished. She lower her eyes to my stomach and stare at it. The look in her eyes was something that wasn't pleasant to see.

"Don't even think about it. Keep your eyes away from my stomach," I warned her as I stood up and tried to walk back inside the store. I wince when I felt a pair of long sharp nails digging into my skin. The baby boy instantly went into an attack mode and start kicking inside my stomach.

Is he trying to help me or help Mitchell?!

I groan a little, turning around to meet her eyes. Her eyes were burning with fury.

"What do you want now?" Why is no one saving me?

She stares at my belly for a moment, making my back feel like spiders were crawling on it. She let go of my wrist and smiled at me. Not a kind one, an evil one.

"I want your baby." My eyes widen as she jumps at me. At the last minute, I took a step aside and push her flying body out of the way.

I ran back inside, not caring if she was ok and look for Blake. I felt so relieved when I saw him grab the receipt from the cashier and walk over to me.

"Are you okay? You look like you just got into a catfight." He examined every inch of my body, not caring that he was blocking the way for some people.

"I-I just saw Mitchell, " I mumbled burying my face into his chest as he moves us to the side and rubbed my back. My energy was gone and I was beginning to get a little sleepy.

"Mitchell? You saw that living plastic?" He asked me, the shock was in his voice. I was shocked too. I haven't seen or heard from her for years. "What happens, ba-"

"YOU!" A loud piercing voice shook the entire store. Everyone froze as the whole store went quiet. I tense in his hold while peeking over his shoulders. An angry mess up looking Mitchell was fuming over the entrance. Her nose looks like it was releasing smoke of fire when she recognized Blake.

"So you were telling the truth, " her voice getting dangerously low. Why can't I do grocery shopping in peace!!!

Blake tightens his hold on me, protecting me from her.

"She's crazy, " I mumbled.

Out of nowhere she let out a yell and came charging to us, only to be lifted in the air by two security guards. Strangers eye us before averting their eyes and walk away.


All this was giving me stress. A groan escapes my lips when I felt a strong pain in my stomach.

"Ah." I clench my stomach when another wave of pain hit.

Blake loosens his hold and spins me around until I was facing him.

"What's wrong!"

I held onto his bicep, closing my eyes as I breathe in and out. "Baby?" I open my eyes and stare at him with widen eyes filled with fear when I felt a warm liquid run down my legs.

"My water broke!!!!" I panic. His eyes widen as he glanced at my legs than at my face. He picks me up and glares at Mitchell, "if anything happens to her or my son I'm coming for you."

He rushed outside with me holding onto him for dear life.

"What about the food?" I whispered when I saw the cart of food we left behind.

"Are you crazy?! Worry about the food later! We are about to have a baby!" I slowly nodded and laid my head on his chest.

I squeezed my eyes shut when a contraction happens. Soon we get to see our baby boy.

Sorry for this VERY WEIRD chapter.

Anyways, I'm planning another story which is way different compared to this story and 'Come and Get Me'

But, before I start writing I want to hear what you guys think. What type of stories would you like to read?

Should I add some steamy chapters?

Comment what you guys think. I want to write a book where I have everything planned out and something you guys would like. It would be nice hearing what you guys think.
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