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Sequel + Bonus chapter

•Alexis' POV•

I close my eyes as my breathing came harsh and irregular.

"What do you mean all your doctors and nurse are taken right now?! My wife is in labor right now!!" Blake yelled at the nurse. They nervously stare at him then at me.

"Sorry sir but they are busy right-"

I slam my hand on the desk and glared at them while rubbing my stomach. I had enough with all these useless people. Do they really want me to push a baby onto the floor?!

"If you don't get a fucking doctor right now I will rip your heads off and throw it to the piranhas! And you," I read her name tag, "Tiffany stop undressing my husband before I beat your-Ah!" I clutch my stomach when a harder contraction hits. Blake instantly held onto me and rubbed my back and stomach.

"What kind of 5-star hospital is this!? If something happens to my son I'll do exactly what she said!" Blake threatens them. The nurse quickly grabbed a phone with shaky hands and call someone.

"R-right this way m-ma'am."

They led us to a room and help me to the bed. I felt so horrible. How do women even do this? My oo oo feels like it's about to be ripped apart! I fisted my hand when they stuck a needle in my arms.

"Ok. We will come back when you are 10 cm dilating. If you are in extreme pain, please, press this button."

We both nodded and they left us to this room.

"Alexis, relax. It's not going to be that hard, right?"

I look to my right and narrowed my eyes at Blake. "How do you know. Are you the one pushing a baby out of your thing. Are you the one carrying it for 9 months. Noooooo"

He held his hands up in surrender. "I just thought. What should we name our baby anyways, " he asks while rubbing my swollen stomach."

"I think we both know a good name for him."


"She's 10 cm dilating. Get the doctor. Ma'am please spread your legs and bring your chin to your chest when you push."

I nodded my head and gasp when the strongest contraction hit. I snatch Blake's arms away from him and held onto it for dear life. The doctor and nurses rush in and got everything ready.

"Baby you're hurting me..."

I snap my head to his direction and glare at him.

"You're hurt? Well, I a-ah!"


I shut my eyes and push. I held in a gasp. This is too much.

"One more time!"

I did it again and felt something moving. My nails dig into Blake's arm, drawing out some blood. He winces but kept quiet while rubbing my head.

"You got this, Alexis," he mumbled while kissing the crown of my head.

"Push! I can see the head. One more time."

I push again and felt like an elephant is trying to squeeze through a pipe.

"One more! He's almost out!" I gave the last push with all my might and heard a loud cry. My chest went up and down as I look at the crying baby. My eyes blur when Blake cut the cord and let them clean his up.

A sob left my mouth when they handed him to me. He was wrapped in a blanket and had a small adorable hat on. He let out a small yawn and wiggle a little when I rubbed his cheeks.

"Aww. Happy birthday, sweetie." They clean me up as I stare at him. He was calmer now but his eyes were wide open.

"Blake. Look! He looks so much like me."

"What!" Blake said, "no! He looks exactly like me. Look at his nose and lips."

"I'm joking." He made an o shape with his mouth then look at our son.

"Do you have a name for him?" One of the nurses said as they took him from me and put him on a weight scale. 8 lbs. He was pretty big.

I look at Blake and both of us said, "Nicholas. Nicholas Peterson."

This is the last bonus chapter. And sorry for how short it was:(

As for the sequel, please look for 'Bittersweet' to read about Nicholas and Mitchell's daughter. I already uploaded the prologue but the first chapter will come up tomorrow.

Thank you for all your support and help since day 01. I really appreciate it and hope all you guys are doing well and your health is fine.
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