Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 03

I'm not mad.
I'm hurt.
A difference


•Alexis' POV•

Currently, we are at PE right now. And I'm dreading it. Our coach makes us wear these super short shorts with shirts that stick to your body like glue.

But for the guys, they get to wear comfortable loose clothes, since their coach is nice. Lucky them.

"I don't want to walk outside wearing this," I complained to Ashley.

"Well suck it up. I have been wearing this for 3 years!"

I groan, "So? At least your gym clothes are making your boobs and ass sticking out! You look freaking beautiful with it! I look like a damn stripper!"

It was true. The outfit fits Ashley perfectly while mine looks like some booty shorts and a crop top. It exposed way too much skin on my legs and a little of my stomach.

"Oh. Calm down. Hey, at least you made all the girls jealous."

I look around and saw my old bullies glaring at me. Well, that's a plus.

"Ok. Now let's go outside before coach yell at us," Ashley said.

We drag me outside against my will. I tried covering up but I failed at it. The guys turned and stared. Some even whistle.

Perverts. I feel so bad for their future wife. If they even have one.

I felt a slap on my right ass. I instantly turn and my body reacted before I could think. I punch the guy who touched my ass in the face.

He fell to the ground covering his nose.

"You broke it!" that was nothing, my dude.

"Don't touch my butt."

He was about to slap me when a figure flash in front of me and caught his wrist. My eyes widen when I realized the nicely built figure belongs to Blake.


I couldn't see his reaction from the back pressing in front of my face. But the fear in his voice was enough to tell me that Blake was scary like Ashley and Peter said.

"Never raise your hand on a lady, you hear me, Smith?"

"Y-yes, Blake." I heard someone falling then shoes shuffling on the gym floor.

Blake's back disappeared and was replaced with his face. His face was blank but there was worry visible in his eyes. Or I was just imagining things.

"Are you ok?"

"Umm. I was and still am." He nodded from my response then walk away as nothing happened. Leaving me alone with a lot of people staring at me.

"What just happen?" Peter asked the moment he and Ashley were next to me.

I shrugged.

"A guy slapped my butt so I punch him."

"You go, girl!"

I rolled my eyes.

"Anyways. After that Blake, all of a sudden pop-up and I guess...protected me?"

Their eyes widen so much that I'm pretty sure their eyes will come out.

"He did what?!"

"I don't even know anymore."

"Omg! This is freaking crazy!"

"How?" I am so confused.

"Blake just like you or something. He never helps anyone!" Ashley whisper yelled.

"Uhh. And you are happy about that?"

Honestly the fact that Blake maybe likes me makes me feel disgusted. It was like someone telling me they like it when I fart.

"Well no. Because if he hurts you I will chop his head off and feed it to the animals," Ashley said seriously.

"Yup. And we will burn the rest of his body," Peter added.

I have some weird friends.

"And that's not weird at all."

"You act like you wouldn't do the same thing."

"I wouldn't. Instead, I would keep his head and put it up on my wall. And as for the body. I'll give it to people who need it. Like the kidney, liver, etc." I said

"That's actually a better idea," Peter stated.

Ashley nodded.

"It sure is."

We chatted the whole time until both the guys and our coach told us to shut up and listen.

"Today we are playing dodgeball."

I groan with some of the girls as everybody cheer. Great. I hate dodgeball.

Mitchell smirk at me as she got ready. I bet she is thinking that she will beat my ass just like freshman year.

But little did she knew I changed.

I was on one side with Ashley, Peter, and surprisedly with Blake too.

"Don't worry, beans. I'll protect you."

"How about you protect yourself."


Before he could finish a ball hit him. I chuckled.


He yelled at his best friend, I think Danny is his friend.

"Ok! Everyone get to your spots! And start!"

I casually stand in the back as everyone threw a ball at each other. As I check my nails I saw a ball coming at me.

I instantly knew it was Mitchell who as throwing it because she smirks. But her smirk instantly disappeared as I caught the ball with ease.

I gripped it tightly and threw it straight at her dumb face. It went faster than I thought it would.

I hit her face so hard I have sworn I hear something crack before she fell backward.


Everyone stopped and cover their ears, including her minions.

"My face! I can't feel it!"

I kinda felt bad for her. But did I really? Probably not.

"Get her to the nurse! And Alexis, nice shot!" The PE teacher said.

Mitchell's eyes widen in shock before it turns into anger.

"WHAT?! You aren't going to punish her!"

"Why would I. I mean I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it."

"Yup. I'm sorry Mitchell. I didn't mean it," I fake apologize.


She stomps her feet in anger before jumping at me. I step out of the way last minute causing her to fall on the bleachers.

"Oo," I suck in a breath.

"That must hurt."


"Ok. Someone really needs to bring her to the nurse!"

Her minions carried her quickly, stumbling as Mitchell moan like a mess.

"Blake, baby. Help me." She reaches for Blake.

He looks at her in disgust. He grabs a stick and pushed her away before walking back inside the locker room. He winked at me as he caught my eyes

I looked away.

That guy is super weird.

To be continued...

Yes, it's love at first sight, for Blake. Cheesy, I know.

But thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it so far!

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