Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 04

It's you,
Because no one else
Makes sense.

-perry poetry

•Alexis' POV•

The rest of the day was...interesting.

Turns out I have most of my classes with Blake. Which is horrible, since he is always bugging me. Ever since he learned what my name was he kept following me and bugging me. I could never escape him.

I was overjoyed when the last bell rang, but Blake's reaction was the opposite. He pouted while glaring at the bell.

I wonder why. Like who wouldn't be happy to go home?!

I ran out of the classroom without sparing Blake a glance.

"What move should we watch?" I asked. I was at Ashley's house right now, watching a movie with her.


I type in the movie then snuggle deeper into the bed as the movie began.

We spent the next 4 hours watching them. Laughing and crying along the way. In the middle of the episode Peter was yelling at us for being "too loud" that he couldn't go to sleep.

Ashley sigh.

"Why couldn't Rose move her ass aside. There was plenty of space on that door."

"agree. Anyways, did I mention how annoying Blake is?" I asked her.

"You don't need to tell me, to make me understand how much you despise him. I can tell my the look on your face every time he is near you."

I frowned.

"What face expression do I make?"


She scrunch her nose up and made a disgusted face expression. Making sure her eyebrows were close together and her mouth frowning.

I bursted out laughing.

"I do not look like that!"

"Yes you do!"

We debated for a while, until I admitted that I do look like that.

We changed into our gym outfits before heading to the gym room.

"Hey. I forgot to ask you. How's your nightmare? Are they going away?" She asked out of the blue.

I suck in a breath.

Ever since my parents death I been having nightmares. Sometimes I don't if I take medicine, but it makes me feel grumpy the next morning.

So I stop taking them.

"No. But I'm perfectly fine," I lied on the second part.

Her eyes held suspicions but she let it go. Talking about it will just make it worst.

"I'm worry about you, Lexi. But just know I will always be there for you."

I smiled at her.

"I know. And that's why you are my best friend."

She smiled back at me.

Somethings are just not meant to be spoken about again.

Like my parents death.

I'll find the killer one day and they will regret taking my parents' lives.

~~1 hour later~~

I panted as I gave one last punch to the dummy.

"I...*gasp* think that's enough for today."

"You think," responded a worn out Ashley.

I dropped down to the mat, ignoring my sweaty clothes.

"I'm so freaking tired. And I feel like I want to die!" I tried to say seriously.


We both laughed. As much as we try to be serious we always end up laughing.

"I wonder what life would be if your parents were still alive." She asked out of the blue.

What's with her suddenly asking about my parents.

"Why are you suddenly asking."

"I know you, Lexi. I know how you are hiding the pain. Maybe talking about it will ease your pain a little."

Maybe she is right.

"If my parents were alive I would still be bullied and wouldn't he the person I am today. This may sound wrong but if it weren't for their death I would still be that weak little girl that allowed everyone to step on her."

"Maybe they died for a reason. Maybe fate did that to make me become who I am today. But when I find the killer I will make him regret everything he have done to me."

She didn't say anything so I look at her.

She stared at me with tears in her eyes.

Um. Did I say something wrong?

"My baby have grown up."

I rolled my eyes.

"Just because you are 1 day older than me doesn't mean I'm your baby, Ash."

"Yea huh."

"No it doesn't."


"You are so annoying, you know that right," I laughed.

"Says the one calling me their baby."

"Hey! In my def-"

"Ew! The whole gym sticks! Go take a shower!"

We rolled our eyes at Peter.

"You act like you don't smell when you are done working out."

"Exactly. Your smell is 10 times worst than this," Ashley added.

"Whatever. Now move it. I need to workout and you two really need to take a shower."

"Yeah yeah. Whatever you say, Peter."

We ran up the stairs and took turns showering.

"Where do I sleep?" Ashley as the moment she finish changing.

I dried my hair while pointing to the bed.

"The usual."


She jumps on the bed and snuggled with her RJ plush doll.


"Yea. Goodnight, Ash."

To be continue

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