Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 06

You're happy
You enjoy
The music
When you're
Sad you
The lyrics


•Alexis' POV•

The whole day I stuck with people staring and gossiping about me. And who was it to blame, Blake.

I had enough of their crap so I turned to the group besides me and spoke.

"Damn. My name must sound good coming out of your mouth to make you talk about me 24/7. Or maybe because you don't have a life so you talk about mine instead. Whatever reason it is shut up before I do it for you. Thanks," I said with a forced smile on my face.

I turn around making sure to throw them a bird before stomping my way to the gym to beat up someone. A specific someone.

"So what are you going to do about that incident that happened this morning?"

I stopped and look at both Ashley and Peter.


"How? No one can outsmart Blake Peterson," they both said.

"I guess, I'll be the first one."

"What's the plan then?" Peter asked.

I smirked, "You'll see"


"Are you sure we should do this?" Ashley asked when the three of us sneak in into the boy's locker room. Well technically just her and me, Peter was just keeping a lookout for us while helping us sneak in.

"Yes. There is no other way to get payback, " I said.

"You could just burn his car. I mean that is easier to do. Plus I'm pretty sure he's rich enough to buy another one if we accidentally destroy it."

I stop and look at her, "but where's the fun in that, " I said before stopping in front of the one and only Blake Peterson's locker.

I smiled as I grabbed a bobby pin and began to unlock the lock.

"Girl. I don't think if this will work. It's more on his side than ours, " she mumbled as I grab a scissor and began to cut one of his pe uniforms. I smile as I made a weird shape on his shirt.

"Please. As if that would happen. I doubt the girls will look a-"

"Well well well." We both tense up and froze on our spot when a familiar voice spoke out to us.

"Sh*t," Ashley mumbled under her breath. That was enough to tell me that we were doom.

I slowly turn around with the scissor and shirt in my hands and look at Blake who was holding Peter by his collar as he stares at us. He looks at my face then at the stuff in my hands with a raised eyebrow.

"Care to explain?"

"Ummm. I was going to prank someone but I think I open the wrong locker, " I quickly made up a lied.

He nods his head and smiled at me before having a straight face again, " and it happens to be my locker that has my name imprinted on it?"

I open and closed my mouth before shoving Ashley a little to get her to help me out. She just stood there with her hands over her eyes.

"Well-what's that!"

As he was distracted I grabbed Ashley's hand and yank Peter out of his hold before dragging them with me out of the locker room. I heard him yell at us as the three of us ran for our lives.

"I can't believe you made me do that!" Ashley yelled to me, the wind muffling her voice a little.

"You're the worst cousin ever!" Peter shouted at me at the same time.

"Just shut up and run you guys!"

After a year of running, we manage to outrun him, only to end up on the other side of the school. We all fell to the ground and pant for air. The two glared at me as they fell onto the grass.

"I hate...omg...I hate you!"

I breathe in and out and gave them a thumbs up in response, "t-thanks."

Ashley was going to say something but was interrupted by someone.

"What are you fat chipmunks doing on the ground?"

I groan and closed my eyes at the squeaky voice. I'm starting to doubt who's the real chipmunk is. I let out a sigh and open my eyes to see Michell and her gang.

We manage to escape Blake but now we are stuck with this demon. How can this day get any worst?

And it did by a ball bounced at my head, making me fall back on the ground before knocking at the fake gang in front of us.


To be continue

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