Claim by the Bad Boy

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Chapter | 07

Beauty is a curse
The rose knows well
Always picked first
Yet never a chance
To grow

-bridgett devoue

•Alexis' POV•

I groan as Ashley dragged me to different stores. Trying to find the "perfect" outfit.


On our way home from that dramatic school day we were told that someone was throwing a party and everyone was invited.

The person, I think his name was Jacky, texted everyone the details. I didn't want to come but Ashley forced me to.

Saying, "You need to go out more. You can't just stay home eating tacos and drinking boba all day."

And inside I was saying, watch me. I'll eat and drink tacos and boba until the day I died.

"I found it!"

I snapped out of my thoughts.

She bought the clothes before I could even see them.

"What did you buy?" I asked.

"Not going to tell you until we get home."

I groaned.

"Don't worry. I'm stopping by Taco Bell and Kung Fu Tea."

I instantly perk my head up.


We drove home afterward, with her carrying the outfits while I carried the food and drinks.

"Ok now me the outfits that you bought!"

She pulls out a dress and a shirt along with a pair of black jeans.

"Ok. Thanks for the shirt and jeans."

I went to grab it but she pulled it away and handed me the dress instead.


"The dress seems to suit you better than me," she replied as she headed to the bathroom to changed.

I stared at the so-called dress on my arms.

"Are you trying to get people inside my pants! I will freaking look like a stripper!! That says 'eat me!'"

"Calm down. And wear them. And put a jacket over if it's too much," she yelled back.

I grumbled and did as she says. The outfit was cute but it was showing too much. I grabbed a jacket that covered my butt.

"Ash. Are you sure I have to wear this? Why do you get to wear jeans? I thought I was the pants in this relationship."

"Sorry. But the dress looks so much better on you! Like, look at you! You are a whole meal!" She exclaimed.

I scoff.

"I'm a meal every day. Wearing this dress makes me a whole feast!"


We both burst out laughing.

Why do we laugh over everything? I don't know.

"Blake is going to tap that!"

My smile instantly turned into a frown.

"He's coming?"

"Well he never goes to a party but I bet he will come once he knows you are there!"

I groaned.

"If he comes. I'm taking Peter with me," I said.

She waved her at me in dismissal.

"Peter is coming. He told me 10 minutes ago. But you're just planning Peter's funeral if you take him with him."

"Oh. And he didn't tell his favorite cousin? And please, as if Blake will murder my cousin for attending the party with me."

"My cousin. Wow. I thought he was my best friend, besides you."

I fake hurt as I placed my arms on my heart.

"You Carters are crazy."

"Only for the best," I replied.

She chuckled as she put her heels on. I on the other hand put on converse even when she tried to persuade me into wearing heels instead.

"Let's go!"

She dragged me to the car. Which Peter was already there, waiting.

"Hurry hurry!"

"Ok. Everyone is here! We can go to the party now!"

I was getting suspicious.

"Is there someone there?"

She froze.

"Yea," she whispered.



"Him. Him?! As in your crush from middle school! The same guy who vows he will be back to be with you! Him!" I questioned her.

"Yes that him."

I gasped, but Peter on the other hand was jamming to the music so he didn't hear.

"Wow. So he will be there at the party."

She nodded.

"Peter! Speed up!"

Within 5 minutes we arrived at Jacky's house. It was quite huge but smaller than my uncle's house.

We knocked and the door was opened by Jacky.

"I see you guys arrived!"

"Sadly," I mumbled.

We walked inside and I was instantly hit by the smell of alcohol. I scrunch up my nose in disguised.

"I'm going to go find him. See ya."

"Bye Ash. Make sure you stay safe!" I yelled at her.

"Want to get some drinks?" I asked Peter

He nodded his head as we walked to the fridge. I grab a brand new water bottle for myself and handed him a brand new coke.

He took a sip then start choking a little. He was staring at something behind my back. Or should I say, someone?

I turned to see Blake and his friends that the entrance. Blake was looking around. When he didn't find what he was looking for he grumbled and yelled at Danny.

"Shoot. What am I going to do?" I asked myself.

"Maybe you should do hide. Or blend in."

I nodded. That's a good idea.

I thanked Peter and quickly went to the dance floor. Which was packed up with lots of people. I felt someone's hands on my waist and turn to see Matt.

"Hey! I haven't seen you in a while!"

"Yea..." He trailed off.

"It's great to see you here."


We somehow end up dancing with each other. We also talked and turns out we have so much in common. He is a great guy or maybe not.

Suddenly someone bumps into me causing me to fall on Matt. I was so close to him, my face was burning. Nope, not ready for this.


I barely heard them over the furious stomps made by someone.

I was yanked away from Matt's hold and into a warm chest. I looked up to see Blake with his eyes burning at Matt.

"She's taken."

With that, he kissed me in front of everyone.


To be continue

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