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Chapter 10

Metri P.O.V
It's been like a month or so that we've been stuck in this house with them rat looking bitches on the loose. it's also been 2 months and 1 week since Carlos and I made it official, in hoping by our 3 months anniversary that I would get to give him something special meaning them bitches gave up and his momma can leave the house for a couple of hours. I'm sure by this time my baby's house is burnt on the ground or some shit so they gon be staying with me for a while even after everything is settled.

My baby and I are in our bedroom watching some tv, his head resting on my chest while we were laying down. I always loved the way he looks in my arms like he fit perfectly. "Do you think your a good kisser metri" Carlos asked out of nowhere.

I smiled "you could answer that question your self" he looked up at me scared.

"no,no,no we are not kissing" I looked at him cutting my eyes.

"what did you learn yesterday Carlos" he whimpered looking up at me.

"I learned to not tell you what you can't do to me because I'm yours " this lil boy keeps playing with me, I'm not even gonna bother with it I'm gonna use his own trick on him, I'm not gonna talk to him until he get that shit straight. I didn't answer back to him and turned my head to the tv I saw him shrug from the corner or my eye and laid his head back on my chest.

It's been like an hour or so since I talked to Bae and this shit mad difficult how does he even do it. he tried several times to talk to me but I keep ignoring him, my baby looks so sad right now but I want him to figure out the problem.

My thoughts got abruptly interrupted by a phone call, I ain't even check the ID I just picked it up "Hey daddy" a very annoying voice sounded through the phone and I knew exactly who that was.

I put the phone on speaker so Carlos can hear it "Wassup" I said back to her.

"Damn daddy that voice just gets deeper every time we talk" she replied Carlos head turned so fast and he climbed up to me and snatched the phone from my hand.

"Excuse me beloved, why the fuck you talking to my man like that" he spat with so much attitude laced in his voice. He looked at the picture that came with the number and coughed.

"who the fuck is you, I was talking to demetri not ya ass" destiny said back to my baby and I'm sure steam was blowing out Carlos nose by now.

"Nahh listen here you ugly ass skunt. metri dosent want your ass,bitch your forehead don't even want you that shit look like its Tryna escape, gets no dick looking ass bitch please sit ya ass down somewhere talking bout who the fuck am I. Lose this fucking number bitch." he said and hanging up the phone, throwing it to me and walked to the bathroom I followed him laughing so hard my ribs started to hurt.

"Who the fuck was that demetri" he asked angrily.

"That was my ex baby" I said still laughing he jumped up on the toilet and smacked the back of my head, that made me laugh even harder with his short ass.

"ion give a fuck why you picked up the phone anyways" he asked.

"Damn baby calm down, I ain't check the caller ID" I said while still laughing.

"yea whatever" he said trying to get off the toilet but I kept him there.

"Forgive me?" I asked and he nodded his head yes "can I get a Kiss and a hug?" I asked again, he nodded his head and pecked me on my lips then hugged me. that silent treatment was long forgotten.

"can we go lay back down papi?" He asked "yea lead the way Baby boy" I said and he started walking, I just watched that ass shake.

"stop staring at my ass DeMiTrI" he mocked and I smirked jogging to catch up with him.

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