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Chapter 11

Demetri p.o.v
I got a call today from Stefon telling that the gang has been fighting for 3 days now and we won meaning our gang has expanded and Carlos and his mommy can leave the house now as they please but I'm not planning on letting Carlos leave the house anytime soon. tomorrow we make 3 months and I'm planing on giving him that good good. I went down stairs to go discus it with Momma Stacy but I ain't see her in the living room so I headed into here room to find her munching on some pop corn while watching bad girls club.

"Mama S. I need a favor" I said she ain't even look at me her eyes were Glued to the tv.

"how may I help you" she asked.

"I need you to leave the house tomorrow all day ima give you a driver and a car" I pleaded.

she finally looked at me and said "deal and you betta be careful with my son boy I want him walking when I come back" she said laughing and turned her attention back to the tv.

"no promises mamma s." I laughed as I made my way out her room. I made my way to the tv room to be greeted by my baby sleeping on the couch so I took this time to call Stefon and put him on about my plans for tomorrow telling him he's gonna be the one driving mama s around.

Carlos woke up couple of hours later cranky, I got him something to eat, after he was done I washed the plate and went back into the tv room. "Baby what's tomorrow" I asked him he started blushing.

"our anniversary, we make 3 months papi" and climbed onto my lap.

"yea that and what else" I asked his blush got deeper.

"our first time".

I smacked his ass and said "that's right, and we got the house all to our self tomorrow" he moaned and I smirked.

"baby can we go to sleep I'm tired again" he said rubbing my chest I looked at him funny.

"ain't you just wake up" I asked he moved his place on me.

"yeaa buh I want tomorrow to come fast" yup he wants the daddy dick.

This boy really play too much he still throwing his ass in a circle on my dick and he won't let me do anything to him, he keeps saying tomorrow but if he keep doing what he doing I might not wait "fine get up so we can go upstairs" I said he shook his head no.

"carry me up stairs papi" I got up with him around my waist and headed to our room I laid him down and got next to him, I closed my eyes and welcomed sleep.

I woke up early in the morning and made sure mama s left the house. I cooked breakfast for my baby and served it to him in bed he looked so adorable when he saw that I cooked for him, yes I can cook.its now in the afternoon and I was hard as fuck, Carlos been teasing me all day so I decided not to wait till nighttime.

Were in our Bedroom and Carlos is giving me a show, stripping.He took off his red lace panties real slowly and when he was done he stuck his middle finger into his pussy fucking himself slowly, he sighed in content by this time I was stroking myself waiting for my dick to be all up in him.

He took his finger out of himself and took of his crop top revealing his hairless chest and his multiple piercings. He had 2 nipple piercings and a belly piercing. He walked over to me slowly and sat on my lap. I started kissing his neck while he was running his hands through my hair and grinding on my dick, I picked him up and put him on the bed opening his legs I gave him little kitty licks before I started eating him out "ahhh papi" he moaned moments like this his accent becomes so thick it's unbelievable.

I stuck my tongue in his pussy and he pushed my head a little trying to get away from me, I pulled him closer to my face and started tongue fucking him faster and harder "mhmmmhm" he whimpered I pulled my tongue out of him a little irritated.

"stop running baby or I won't give you what you want" he pushed my head down signaling that i should continue. I slowly pushed two fingers in him and started slowly increasing my pace "ahh papi no too much, please slow down" he whimpered but I ain't tryna hear that.

I increased my speed and he started squirting, I love when I make him squirt from something as simple as this " ion think you ready for the dick yet baby" he was trembling so bad it looked sexy as fuck.

"oh mi dios papi tan buena que estoy listo, quiero que me lo da ahora" he said ion know what he was saying but the look in his eyes told me to continue.

I grabbed the lube that I put on the bed and lubed up I asked him if he was ready but he didn't answer he was too busy fucking himself with his fingers. I removed his fingers from his pussy and pushed my Tip in.

"Papi it's so big." he screamed moving around, I pinned his arms above his head to stop him from moving.

"calm the fuck down" I growled at him and he moaned.

"sí papi". I started going in slowly while he was screaming, I finally got in completely and gave him a minute to get use to me inside him. it was hard for me to control myself while I was inside him, he was wet, hot, and tight but I didn't want to hurt my baby.

He finally gave me a nod signaling that I could move i didn't even waste a second and I started pounding into him "daddy slow down oh god too much" he screamed, he got my dick out of him and started squirting again shaking now. I shoved my dick back into him while he was shaking and went to work again.

We been at it for hours right now Carlos is riding the shit outa my dick he's doing it like a pro, it's hard to believe he was a virgin up until couple hours ago by the way he was riding me. I smacked his ass and asked "who's pussy is this nigga" I asked with a proud smirk on my face.

he screamed "you're all yours papi" I held his waist still and started thrusting up into him.

"say that shit louder, I want niggas from down the block to hear you" I panted out.

"oh my god it's your pussy, it's always been your pussy" he yelled cumin I came in him and pulled out and he fell on the bed.

Carlos was limp on the bed, I turned him around to see my baby sleeping.I smirked and kissed his pussy, then his lips. I noticed that I do that a lot now I never did that with any of my exes. I got off the bed and got a wet cloth from the bathroom to clean my baby up because he was dripping all over the bed. after I cleaned him and myself up I threw the cloth somewhere across the room and laid down, the thought hit me that I didn't use a condom, Carlos don't needa know that though. what ever happens happens, good or bad I'm sticking with my baby.

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