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Chapter 12

Carlos p.o.v
It's been like 2 weeks since metri and i anniversary and I've been sick, I don't know what's wrong with my I vomit in the morning and I've been eating like a fucking pig. to add on to my confusion metri has been super protective of me, he doesn't let me doing anything anymore, he dosent even let me walk down the damn stairs. every time we sleep he subconsciously rub my stomach,I'm starting to think that he's becoming crazy.he's out right now so I went downstairs to go talk to my mommy about it.

"Mami I have a problem."

"what's wrong baby girl" she asked concerned.

"Mommy I think I'm sick, I keep vomiting and I keep eating a lot like weird food. this morning I ate raw pepper and I liked it mommy" I stressed she looked at me with excitement and worry in her eyes.

"Baby when Metri get home tell him to take you to see a doctor" i nodded and went to sleep on the couch. I woke up a couple of hours later to see Demetri sitting on the couch with my legs on top of his lap, he looked as if he was worried.

"baby I got something to tell you" I tried getting up but he told me to lay back down.

He took a deep breath and said "babe I think your pregnant, I didn't think you were gonna get pregnant but I guess I was wrong" I laughed not taking him seriously.

"you funny baby, how could I be pregnant if you used a condom" I paused "wait you did use a condom right?" He looked guilty, this can't be happening I'm only 16. I got up and walked to where he was sitting, I stood there looking at him for a while then slapped him, by this time I was already crying "stupid little bitch, what the fuck was you thinking I know damn well you not ready for no kids and nether am I,ion know what's wrong with you--" I was cut off by him pulling me into a hug.

" I know baby I know I'm sorry please don't cry we gon get through this together" he said trying to wipe away my tears but I jerked from him.

" No Leave me alone I can't believe you demetri" I yelled at him with tears running down my face, he got a hold of me again and hugged me to his chest.

"baby calm down, I'm sorry I'm not going anywhere forgive me please" he said his voice cracking a little the tears continued to stream down my face as I listened to his heart beat. "were gonna go through this together Carlos from beginning to end, your neva gonna be alone with this pregnancy trust me" he said softly to me while rubbing circles on my back I hiccup from crying so hard and hugged him back

" don't leave me please metri, please" I begged

"don't think about that I'm neva leaving you and that's a promise" he said softly to me and kissed the top of my head. "I love you Carlos" he said

"I love you too metri" I whispered loud enough so he could here me tears still streaming down my face. I guess we have to wait to see what happens with this baby, I'm scared shitless but if I have metri and my mommy by my side I can get through it, we can get through it.
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