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Chapter 13

Carlos p.o.v

It turns out that I am really pregnant because we went to the doctor the day after metri confessed to me. I'm now 2 months pregnant, I've been sleeping a lot and the morning sickness went away but what bothers me is that my hormones are running crazy; one minute I'm angry the next I'm horny. I keep waking up in the middle of the night asking for metri to get me food, I fell like a pig.

I made my way downstairs to get something to eat when I heard metri on the phone. "Baby" he said and I stopped walking to eavesdrop "Yea like 2 months. I'm about to have my first born. I feel like i'm on cloud 9 sean" he continued.

I calmed down I knew he was talking about our baby, I walked in the kitchen I opened the fridge looking for some pepper but there was non.

"Hey babe are there any peppers in the freezer? the Jamaican peppers i told you to buy last time" i asked interrupting his call. he smiled and looked at me.

"You finished it last week" he abruptly replied to me. "Aye sean let me get back to you." he said and hung up. so i finished it and he didn't think to buy some more to replace it. I didn't know why but my eyes started watering. i blinked and all i felt was tears running down my face.

"Baby stop crying ima get you some more , calm down for me okay?" He cooed and I slowly stopped crying and got closer to him.

"Papi I want you" he looked at me funny. yea these changes are definitely weird as hell.

"No we not doing this, I can't be gently when we having sex and your pregnant. No" he finalized. I know hes not rejecting me..

"Please it's been forever you don't even have to take me up stairs just fuck me right here nobody's home please" he gave me a straight face with a hint of disapproval.

"no, I can never control myself with you I don't wanna hurt our baby" I got tired of the back and forth so I got on my knees and opened his jeans he tried getting me up but I didn't budge I took out his dick and started sucking "fuck, just like that" he said and started fucking my face I choked a little and he pulled out. he picked me up and put me on the counter. he pushed my panties off to the side and entered immediately filled me up to the hilt. he was taking deep stokes making my legs weak.

I knew he couldn't reject me.

An hour later we finished, he cleaned me up and after carried me to the tv room. He placed me on the couch then sat next to me, we started talking about the gender we want the baby to be and we got into a fight about it.

"No Demetri I want a boy. i feel like im a boy dad and im scared to raise a girl --" I was getting ready to make a whole speech when metri cut me off.

"I want a girl so she can be just like his mommy" I blushed and hid my face from him in one of the pillows around me on the couch. I didn't want his cocky ass to see that it effected me.

"Ok and that don't matter I want a boy" I said through the pillow and I heard him chuckle.

"That blush on ya face tellin a different story babe" I heard his raspy deep voice get closer.

"suck ass" I said and laid my self down on the couch putting my head on his lap.

" you know i wonder what's gonna happen in the future, I want you by my side and only my side. I love you so much metri" I confessed while closing my eyes he moved his hand through my now grown hair.

"I'm only yours and what's gonna happen in the future is us having 5 kids, married and happy. I love you too baby" he bent down to kiss me. I went to sleep wondering if that's really going to happen and what gender our baby's going to be. I love this boy words can't even explain, I want the best for us and our unborn child.

To tell you the truth, i'm very scared for our future.
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