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Chapter 14

Demetri p.o.v

These couple months have been hard like shawty been crazy non stop. He keeps crying, having mood swings, hitting me, shouting. it's really getting on my nerves but I can't say or do anything about it because I'm the one that got him pregnant in the first place.

These couple of months have been the best and worst for me and my baby, he got more sensitive and I hate that but the best is we're having twins in less than a month a mini me and mini Carlos running round the house. mamma S been all up in my shit, when she home I'm not allowed to touch Carlos she keeps saying 'boy if you touch my child you betta have dug your grave already' and that scares the shit outa me every time because I know mamma s never goes against her words.

Carlos is now 8 months pregnant and the doctor said this time next month, the 24th, he's due for delivery. my baby is so strong we're a step ahead of starting our family, I don't plan on leaving him anytime soon I want us to get married after we graduate high school which is real close but for that to happen I have to keep working the streets. I don't want to but I need to be sure that were stable before we move up with our relationship and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

I'm worried for when our children come out because I want the best for them but now is not the best time. Yes whenever Carlos had doubts i would feed him with positive energy but to be real thats exactly how i feel too. I don't want them to see their daddy as a man that was in a gang and got killed I want them to be proud of me.

I've been thinking of baby names for the babies too, For a girl I want either Amour or Aniyah and for the boy I want to name him Christian or marcel. All this plans with the baby's have me stressed now we have to add a nursery room to the house, my man cave has been turned into a nursery. I literally broke down and started crying because of my man cave.

To be honest with y'all I can't wait for the kids to come. I can't wait to spoil my baby girl and to teach my baby boy. I can't wait to see who resembles who, I can't wait to change there dippers I just want them to be here in my arms and to see them looking at me. No Matter what happens I'm staying with my shawty and our kids.
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