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Chapter 16

Carlos P.O.V

After packing my hospital bag, I'm tired as hell. All I did was walk back and forth, and then walk down a long ass flight of stairs to take the bag and set it by the front door.

I'm due for this week through. I think I'll give birth on Wednesday, but Metri thinks Friday and Mama thinks Sunday.

But, I know it's going to be tomorrow. I'm nervous too, and I'm scared because I been doing some research online and watched a few videos on YouTube and I felt the pain just by watching it.

Going in the kitchen, I reach for the chips but they're snatched from my reach. "I seen the search history, they say you ain't sposed to eat nothing but carrot sticks and celery."

"Hoe, if you don't give me my damn chips," I narrowed my eyes, "I will chop your dick off and feed it to the dog."

"We don't have a dog."

"I will make you drive and get me one," I gritted my teeth, "give me my chips back."

"Nope," he began to put them back.

"No, Metri. Give me my motherfucking chips back," I whined, willing my eyes to water. When the waterworks started, I started full-out crying making him stare at me. I sniffled extra hard, trying not to laugh, because then I would give myself away.

"Alright, alright. Damn," he said handing me back the chip bag. I stuck my tongue out at him, and sat on the stool near the counter. Metri sat next to me, and I leaned my head on his leg. He started looking at all the doorways in the kitchen, including the backdoor.

"Why you looking around like that and shit? I know you see my big pregnant ass right here."

"I'm not looking around," he grinned, "I'm looking for your mama. She be popping out the shadows every time I touch you and shit. It be scary as hell."

"Oh, Mommy. She went out with some of her lady friends to this new club."

"Oh, alright," he smiled at me, and played in my hair.

"You know what this means?"

"No, ain't no alone time shit. If I even touch you, there's chances her ass be popping up, and I don't want to be castrated. I like my dick," he looked scared.

I laughed so hard, that I started crying. "No, I don't want anything that has to do with sex. I'm already tired enough. I want you," I snorted, "to cuddle with me. Upstairs."

I stood up, and stretched my arms out. Standing on tip-toe, I slide the chips in the cupboard.

I wobbled my way toward the steps, and when I got to the top steps, I felt my pants dampen.

I felt at my pants, and sure enough they were wet. "Metri," I looked down, "I think my water just broke."

"Tell me you're lying," he cheesed so hard.

"I'm not," I stared at the small puddle of clear liquid on the ground, " I really want to fucking change my pants now. It looks like I peed on myself."

I went into our room, pulling out a pair of Metri sweats. I changed my underwear, and my pants and slipped on a pair of his sliders.

"Metri, where you at?"

"In the kitchen, is you ready to go?"

"My bag is by the front door," I grabbed my jacket and the car keys. I'm surprised the contractions ain't hit yet.

When we got in the car, he sat up front and I sat in the back so I could stretch my legs. I asked the question, I've been dying to ask since I first knew I was pregnant, "Metri, are you scared?"

"Yeah, but then no. I'm actually happy that you're the first person to bring my kids into the world. I know your crazy ass will keep them straight," he smiled when I smacked his head, "but I'm worried about not being a good father."

"I think you'll be an amazing father," I smiled at him.

"I know I will."

"Cocky much."

"Yes, much. You should've known I'm one cocky motherfucker."

I started to laugh; but then I started coughing. "Shit," I held my stomach and groaned. Contraction number one has landed in the port.

"Baby boy, what's wrong?"

I cut my eyes at him, "You is what's wrong. My stomach hurts," I whined. I was sweating like crazy, and I was crying.

"Why is your stomach hurting?"

"Por ti, idiota. Did you really just ask that dumbass question," I rolled my eyes finally relaxing back in my seat. "Now please hand me the fucking bottle of water?"

"Yeah," he handed it back here absolutely snatched it from him.


Fourteen badass contractions later, and many curse-words and spanish-filled words of anger, we finally arrived at the damn hospital.

When they finally got me a room, they prepped me and took my centimeters and all that other shit.

I was ready to push, but they kept telling me wait. When it was finally me and Demetri alone, I sighed.

"Metri," I said softly, "I'm so fucking tired. And I'm in so much fucking pain. I want them out," I yawned loudly. "Where's Mama?"

"She's on her way," he held my hand and I squeezed his. I think I can fit in a few minutes of nap time. My eyes drifted shut.

And of course as soon as I fucking go to sleep, another contraction hits. I squeeze Metri hand and dig my nails in his hand.

"I guess they really want to come out then."

"Really, i'm in labor now. Of course they want to come out."

Opening one eye, I smile as the doctor comes in, along with Mama. "How you doing baby? Demetri."

"Told you," he mouthed.

"Alright," the doctor said, "you're just about ready. Let's get you ready to give birth."

// Metri P.O.V \\

After they wheeled him upstairs to the birth unit, we had to wait a little.

I was nervous, Carlos was nervous. It was that time. They propped his legs up, and he looked so scared.

"Medicine or no medicine?"

"No medicine," I looked at him crazy.

"You just passed away some numbing medicine."

"I know, I'm gone take this pain. I'm going all natrual," he smiled.

"Alrighty then. Are you ready?"

The next hour was the most, amazing time, but painful at the same time.

His nails was digging in my hands so damn hard, and he almost busted my eardrums with all that screaming; but my baby boy and girl were born.

I ain't know the vagina could push out heads as big as theirs, but it sure did happen. It was interesting to see it too. It was constricting and changing forms and shit.

"If we ever have anymore kids, remind me to ask for epidural. That shit hurts," he said when they finally gave him pain medicine. He collasped on the bed breathing heavily.

"Well, That's your fault," I grinned and pointed the camcorder in his face, "how does it feel to give birth to two beautiful babies?"

"It felt great," he said sarcastically.

"Mhm, continue."

"It felt orgasmic after they came out, like I was on some type of high. But it's one of those things thats amazing to have happen to you. Like you just brought a life into the world. And to think I bought two," he was full-blown crying after this.
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