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Chapter 17

Demetri p.o.v

Everything is going just fine for me and my family. at this rate by the next week or so I would have the money to give my baby the best wedding he could have and the best future possible. There's one problem, he hasn't given me sex in the longest and a nigga needs it. I've been trying but every time I get close he pushes me away.

At the moment Carlos mom took the kids out somewhere and we're in our room. it took me a long time and a lot of money to get mama S out the house but she gave me like 5 condoms. I still laugh at the memory.

"Baby" I said while wrapping my arms around his waist pulling his body back against my chest.

"what Demetri" he replied with an attitude so I picked him up and laid him on the bed, I got in between his legs.

"you mind saying that again babe?" I asked and he shivered and put his arms around my neck.

I started licking his sweet spot which is right behind his ear that made him moan and he pulled my hair. I continued lower and lower until I reached his joggers, I pulled them down and noticed he wasn't wearing any panties. I smirked and he blushed "don't look at me like that" he mumbled I rubbed his clit and he arched his back.

"Baby no, we can't do this" he said trying to get away from me.

"why not I don't see a reason why we can't " I said shoving my pointer finger in him.

"Ahhh" he moaned.

"you still haven't told me why not so I'm guessing I can continue" I said while adding a second finger, by this time he was rocking on my fingers.

"porque oh dios porque ahh mierda" he moaned in that thick accent while fucking himself on my fingers.

I pulled my fingers out of him and he screamed at me "carajo te pasa Demetri oh Dios mío sabes lo baje de mí" I don't know what he was saying but he sounded real mad but whatever. I licked his clit and that shut him up right before I entered my tongue inside his pussy "Nevermind bebé continúe , al igual que ir ahhh más profundo más profundo" he said while pushing my head deeper.

"stwap" I mumbled sending vibrations through him.

"Yess baby you do it so good fuck just like that, go deeper Damn it" he scream because I jerked my tongue in him.

I pulled my tongue out of him and kissed his inner thigh "papi why did you stop" he asked pouting, I didn't say anything back I just pulled off my sweat pants and my boxers and stroked my self while looking at his pussy. I heard him whimper under my stare. "Hurry up papi I need you in me...NOW" he said screaming the last word. I got a condom and lube from the counter and put it on my dick, after I made my way on the bed I didn't wait, right when I got on the bed I entered him and went straight to work.

I was pounding into him like there was no tomorrow, letting go of my frustrations and stress. he was scratching my back with his nails and screaming like hell, "papi mm hm too much aug too fast fuck slow mh slow down" he moaned but fuck that I went faster. by this time the head board of the bed was hitting the wall and Carlos scratches got deeper into my skin.

"Oh fuck oh fuck baby I'm.. Im gonna cum!" He screamed as I hit his sweet spot repeatedly, I leaned down and whispered into his ear "cum for daddy mami" and that did it he started shaking and dripping on my dick. I slowly thrusted In him one last time and pulled out. I took off the condom and started jerking off a minute later i started cuming everywhere but what surprised me was that Carlos started sucking me while I was cuming and swallowed every drop.

Shawty turned into a lil freak. "Baby" he whispered "I love you" I turned around to see him mumbling in his sleep I laughed and kiss him, I made my way down and kissed his pussy also which made him whimper in his sleep.

"I love you too baby" I whispered. I went into the bathroom to get something to clean my baby with, after he was clean I laid next to him letting sleep take over.
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