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Chapter 2

"I hope your day goes well" the principal said to me I nodded and gathered all the papers he gave me then walked out.

I began searching for my class, I ain't really with this school shit but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm Demetri brown I'm 18 years old I'm Bi but I mostly fuck with girls. I'm a leader of a gang that I brought up myself.

Today I start a new school I had to transfer to this school because I had to be with the squad I didn't want to lead a gang that I'm not close to.

As I was making my way to room 519 which was suppose to be the trig room I over heard a small shawty talking to the class. He sounded like he was struggling.

I walked in the room and chuckled "Sorry ma'am he was with me,oh and thanks shawty I'll be sure to thank my folks for my Dna" I heard gasps around the room but I was too focused on shawty to give a fuck.

He turned around to face me but bumped into my chest which made me smirk until he looked up to me.

Lil dude was cute ima make sure to get to know him. "Wassup ma" I said but was ignored .

He rolled his eyes and turned around and started walking down the aisle to a girl and sat on her lap.

I walked up to the teacher and told her what's up she told me to introduce my self to the class. "ight wassup my names demetri hope yall treat me right..specially you" I said the last part mostly for lil shawty he turned around on the girls lap to give me the stank face which just made me smirk, I love when they play hard to get.

"ok Demitri you can sit next to mr. Santiago, mr.Santiago and raise your hand for Demitri even though yall apparently know each other but still raise your hand" I walked up to shawty and sat next to him.

"Wassup ma" I said he looked at me and shifted in his seat as if he's uncomfortable.

" listen si no me dejes mierda solo usted puede ser sexy, pero no llegar a mí." He whispered harshly.

I looked at him and licked my lips "I'm sexy ma? Thanks you ain't too bad ya self buh stop playing can we at least get to know each other" I asked he glared at me.


Then turned around to face the teacher, " can I at least get ya name?" He looked at me again, shaking my head he keep staring at me making me uncomfortable and that shit don't happen on the daily.

" look boy, if you wanna know it so bad find out your Damn self don't ask me ion know what I look like to you, I look like I'm entertained to you st--" I cut him off laughing lowly making sure nobody but he can hear me.

" I got it damn no need to bite my head off Baby boy" he looked at me again I can tell he trying not to smile then he was grilling me for a while now.

"whatever" he said then turned around again. I grinned to myself, ima get that boy and that's a promise.

Carlos P.O.V

Today has been a real long day, Turns out I have every class with demetri sexy ass and ms.smith wants me to show him around school starting tomorrow.

Right now I'm walking home listing to music when I heard a car honk, I noticed a Range Rover next to me, it looks new or like the owner takes great care of it.

The car should just be on the Fucking side walk it's so close to it already, I ignored it and continued listing to my music and kept on walking until I heard the honk again.

The driver window rolled down to reveal demetri "you seem to want my attention, how the fuck may I help you" .

" why you stay fronting shawty, and yea you can help me by letting me give you a ride home Carlos".

" no I'm not getting in the car who the fuck you thought you was, I don't need a ride demetri" I replied and he laughed, he fucking laughed at me " you can suck my ass" .

He was still laughing at me and I continued to walk, he drove to my side again and told me he wouldn't mind sucking my ass.

I couldn't hold in the blush and I know he saw it because he started that oh so sexy chuckling " just get in the car ma" he said in the most possessive voice I ever heard, I gave him the stank face and glared at him but I still got in the car anyways because I wasn't Tryna walk home.

When I got in the car it looked real nice too I won't even lie. "I like your car since you already dropping me home and shit come to school early and pick me up from my house and you should get me food too" I stopped and looked at him.

He was licking his lips and staring at mine he finally answered "yea baby boy just Gemme your number and Ima make sure to get you whatever you want ma".

Lord bless this boy Ohh his voice just gets me... get your self together Carlos.

"baby ?"

"excuse me boy who gave you the right to call me that, ima give you my number when I get out so just drive Nigga".

He smiled and started driving, he got me food then I gave him directions to my house. when we reached my destination I got out the car and he got out too which had me confused.

" why did you get out the car metri" he started walking towards me.

"Hmm I like that name call me that from now on and can I get a hug?" . oh my lord you can get more than that I thought to myself.

"lemme think bout that umm no" I turned around to walk in the house, as I was walking I felt real strong arms wrapped around my small waist.

I leaned back against his chest then he leaned down to my ears and whispered "can I get a kiss too?" Giving me shivers which made me arch my back rubbing against his dick "fuck" he mumbled.

"don't push it Nigga" I managed to get out, he chuckled , get yourself together Carlos pull away from him. I finally got out his grip after a while of trying.

"lemme get your number" demetri said his voice was rough as fuck.

I lost myself a little a little and stuttered "umm y-yea it's 646-xxx-xxxx don't call or text me all the damn time I got a life too --" as I was about to continue I felt him squeeze my ass, I looked at him and said "can you not" well I moaned it he started laughing

" my bad ma I just wanted to know if it was real, it's just so fat and round and juicy an--"

" Stop drooling nigha and yea I know that's why your not gonna touch it again".I cut him off.

To my surprise he leaned down and pecked my lips. When he pulled away I ran and made my way to the house leaving demetri outside standing there with a dazzling smile on his face . I said hey to my mom and made my way to my room just waiting for demetri to hit me up or call me.
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