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Chapter 20

Demetri p.o.v
It's been real hectic around here nowadays first the wedding planning been going on and second gang problems. I keep having to deal with these dog brain niggas and I can't deal. my babies learned how to say dada well Michael did first then next my baby girl.

"I found a teddy bear on my bed!Oh my gosh I'm mad hype" I heard disturbing me from my thoughts, Carlos came out of nowhere and jumped on my lap holding a pink teddy bear with a heart in the middle and the word 'Princess'.

He kissed my cheek repeatedly and said "papi did you get me this if you did I would-"

I cut him off "no I ain't get you that ugly ass--" but he continued talking cutting me off.

"---give you this pussy on a daily no funny shit like its so cute" I gasped and pulled him closer.

"Yea baby I got that a while back but you had to find it" he laughed and put his face under my Chin, I looked down to see his ass poking out and Y'all know me I had to touch so I reached out and grabbed it.

Carlos moaned a loud and long moan "baby stop my mommy and the children are still in the house" I shrugged and continued squeezing his phat ass, he kept moaning and whimpering but I guess he got his mind straight because he got off my lap and ran away.

"Baby why you ain't gon let me hit" I whined while I chased after him upstairs.

"ain't I say the kids up in here!? And I'm Neva quite when you dicking me down so no" he said continuing to run from me. I finally caught up to him and pulled him flat against my chest.

"let me go nigga" he yelled I covered his mouth because he's actin like we don't have children up in this house I shoved my clothed semi hard in his ass and that had him whimpering and bitting my fingers. I can't be blamed last time we had sex was a month or so ago and I'm pent up. Carlos started grinding on me like he ain't Neva felt dick before and it's his first time, I know I started it buh he be driving me crazy.

I picked him up and carried him downstairs to the tv room and laid him down on the couch, I moved to the other side of the couch and turned on the tv. I left him hot and bothered just like how he be doing me, I laid back in the couch and watched him whimper from the corner of my eye.

" you can suck my ass, that's so mean leaving me like this I need that pipe" he whined I laughed and looked at him completely.

"I ain't giving you non there's children in the house" I said with a smirk he continued whimpering so I got up and headed to our room. keep fucking with my emotions ima fuck with you.
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