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Chapter 21

Demetri p.o.v
After I left Carlos in the tv room I headed up to our room and laid down on the bed a while later Carlos entered with a death glare. he walked up to me and laid next to me, he turned his back towards me and covered himself with the covers. I got closer to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. "Let go of me Demetri" he said sternly.

I got closer and whispered in his ear "and if I don't?" He shivered then sucked his teeth. "Get the fuck off me 'fore I bust you up Ya muhfuckin head nigga" he semi yelled, I know this boy done lost his damn mind if he talking to me like that.

I made him look at me by turning his whole body around on the bed and growled at him "talk to me like you got some sense nigga" he mumbled some shit under his breath and tried to turn around I stopped him "what the fuck you said" I asked angrily his eyes flashed with lust and a smirk grew on his face.

his momma came in the room and said we was too loud and the kids trying to sleep so she gon take them out with her. I told her its Ight and that she should kiss my baby's for me. after she left I got up and pulled Carlos up with me " say what you said one more fucking time" i growled again he just moaned and clung on to me. I pulled him off my body and pinned him on the wall he some how took my right hand and put it in his panties.

I growled at him and he jumped but still kept my hand in hi panties. he making me act like a fucking animal "papi please move your fingers please" he said starting to cry.

"ain't I ask you a question I still ain't get my answer" I said calmly now but he continued crying.

"please please move them" I ignored him and took my hand out of his panties and licked my fingers, my dick was hard as fuck but he ain't need to know that. I made my way to the bed to lay back down and he followed me, when I laid down he sat directly on my dick.

He started slowly grinding on me still crying "get the fuck off me Carlos and stop that damn crying acting brand new" I said struggling to keep my voice straight. he started going a faster ignoring what I said "daddy please, I need it" he moaned, I just stared at him. when I didn't say anything he just got up and pulled down my sweats and my boxers, I was surprised but I ain't let that stop me from keeping up my act. he licked my tip and took off his panties.

He was rubbing himself and I just wanted to taste him. he was so wet making his shit look juicy as fuck but I had to refrain myself from attacking him. he sat down right next to my face and sat down opening his legs right in front of my face. I licked my lips and just watched him, he stuck one finger in his pussy and started moving it "ahh papi I want you to do it please" i didn't move or say anything he just stuck 3 more fingers making it 4.

It's taking all my fucking strength not to pull out his fingers and fuck him into the matters. he was screaming loud Af, he came and some of it got on my face I licked the ones that were close to my mouth. he put his pussy in my face by putting one leg at my right side and the other on my left, I couldn't help my self seeing it so close and I licked it "ahh fuck do it again" he screamed I stopped myself from doing it again. he got up to go back to his original position which was straddling me, he positioned my dick with his pussy and slowly slid down.

"get the fuck off you forgot a condom" i growled loudly.

"ngh n..ahh no" he moaned as he continued sliding down

"did you get bigger papi? Fuck so big" he moaned the Pace he was going at wasn't working for me at all it was too slow.

He kept riding me at a slow pace and I kept acting unfazed but I couldn't help it any more so I rammed into him "ahhhh" he screamed holding the head bored for support I kept it up which got his legs shaking "oh god daddy just like that so big ugh so fucking big" he screamed i kept going until I hit a spot that had him screaming and shaking i kept pushing harder on that spot which had him thrashing on top of me. I started Thrusting into him again with so much force that he bounced with each thrust.

"next time when you talked to me betta know what's up" I growled.

"yes yes oh god yes papi" he said pulling my hair to keep him from bouncing too high "im bouta cum oh my gahhh" then he came a while after I came also.

I threw him off me and he started whimpering "I want it to stay inside me papi please" he asked referring to my cum "how's that gon happen Carlos it's not like I can stay inside you all night" I said which made him moan. he crawled back to me and put my dick back in him.

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