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Chapter 22

Demetri p.o.v
I woke up with a very tight and hot sensation around my dick it felt so fucking good and wet. Then I remembered that I never got out of Carlos last night I checked to see If he was sleeping and he was.

I smirked and gave a sharp thrust into him he whimpered.

"wake the fuck up" I said laughing.

"ngh that's meani" he said in between pants.

I stopped laughing and thrusted into him again "oh fuck baby stopp" he moaned holding on to the end off the bed for dear life.

"I can do what every I want cuz I'm daddy" I said as I started sequently thrusting, increasing my pace. instead of just once in a while and he was bouncing so bad he was almost off the bed. "too early no stop fuck" he said in between screams.

"no it's not the fuck it's just 8" I said as I continued hammring into him.

"cum I'm gonna cum oh fuck" he screamed as he came on my dick but that didn't stop me.

"chill! Oh god I feel it in my stomach chill demetri" he screamed I kept going though cuz I wasn't stopping till I came. "oh fuck, you're going to rip me apart" he screamed while crying a little.

I smirked and wiped his face but kept moving "please please baby" I did one last thrust and came in "ahh ahh ah Hmm too much can't fit take it out" he screamed. "nahh you good it all going in there you the one that wanted it in you." I said between a couple groans.

I laughed at him "can we not get up baby I don't think I can walk. ask my mom to watch the kids for today you wrecked me" he said with a pout I chuckled and kissed him.

"I'm sorry this really is all your fault doe" I tried moving a little forgetting I'm still in him.

"stop moving" he moaned.

"sorry" I said.

"baby you know there's a big chance I can get pregnant again? I don't think we can take care of all these kids" he said concerned.

"yes we can I want more kids if you get pregnant this time you got 3 more to go." I said and he gasped.

"what do you take me for this is enough kids" he said getting angry.

"we having more kids as long as I have a say in this" I said finalizing it.

He sucked his teeth "I don't want any more fuckin kids 2 is enough talking bout we got 3 more you must have hit Ya head we not having more kids and that's final" he said wiggling his ass so he could get my dick out of him but it want working.

"I want more kids Carlos we already went over this so I don't know what you talking about". I said.

He got me out of him and he got up dripping but fell immediately " that's a stupid thing to do, you know you can't walk so whats the point. Also we having more kids and that's it now get back on the bed I'm tryna sleep" I growled angrily. He somehow got back on the bed and cuddled close to my body and I just went to sleep
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