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Chapter 23

Tw:Mention of Abortion

Demetri p.o.v
Shawty pregnant again but I mean I was waiting for him to finally say he was pregnant because I know I put in work.

He been complaining up and down how after he has the child he not gonna let me touch him and I'm an ass but he wasn't saying that when he was calling me papi. Fuck all that from the beginning it was known that I wanted a lot of children I mean a nigga can't be blamed.

Back to the situation at hand Carlos been ignoring me actin like I ain't his fiancé and the father of his children. He don't even wanna sleep on the same bed with me anymore he sleeps with the kids in the nursery now. I'm worried for my wife and my unborn baby. Every time I try to talk to him he just walks away, I don't even see him out the nursery a lot. I tried asking for forgiveness but it always ends up in him crying. I don't want to see my baby cry.

I'm sitting out side the nursery door just waiting for him to come out and just then he comes out the nursery. I quickly got up off the floor and hugged him, he just stood still motionless "baby you can't be doing this" I said but I just heard sniffling "baby talk to me, just one words good with me" I begged.

"let go of me" he said in between sniffs. i kissed the top of his head.

" come back to the room with me we need to talk" this time he didn't argue with me he just nodded. we made our way to our room and I sat him on the couch.

He was staring down at the floor so I put my pointer under his chin to raise it up so he can look in my eyes, his eyes were watery and ready to drip anytime soon. "i don't want another child demetri I just can't" he said while crying "I just turned 17 and already have 2 kids with more on the way i can't do this metri and I don't want to". I looked at him and kissed his forehead "baby we can do this there's really nothing to worry about I got you and you got me just wait on it we gon be a happy family".

He continued crying on my chest while I was rubbing his back "I don't want another child metri, I don't want the baby" he said in between hiccups.

I pulled him from my chest and stared at him "what do you mean you don't want the baby" I asked sternly it took a few minutes for him to answer because he was crying too hard and he couldn't talk properly.

"I don't want it metri I want to abort it" he said still crying, this some type of joke he playing on me because there is no way in hell that I will kill a baby of my dna and his.

"Are you out of your fucking mind you are not aborting that baby fuck wrong with you" I yelled he whimpered and sniffed.

"I don't want the baby demetri I don't want it at all" he said repeatedly. I can't stand this bullshit I got up out the room with him calling after me and made my way down stairs I took my car keys from the kitchen counter and made my way out that damn house.
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