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Chapter 24

Tw:mention of Abortion

Carlos p.o.v
I ran after him screaming his name but I was too late, he was gone. I ran to my mommys room "mommy! He's gone he left" I said as I broke down crying on the floor. mom came rushing out her room.

"baby what's wrong you have to breath it's not good for the baby" she said but I can't he left me.

"he..he left mommy he left" I said struggling to breath.

"who left?" she asked.

"metri mommy he left" I said still struggling to breath, I couldn't hear her answer because all I saw was black.

Mama S p.o.v
My baby fell to the floor I quickly searched for a pulse and he was still breathing.

I got up to the house phone to I call 911. After I call Metris bitch ass because I can't drive neither do I have a car, he picked up on the 3 rd ring "what" he growled on the other line.

"shut the fuck up and get Ya ass up in this house my baby fainted because of you" I said crying.

"what you mean he fainted!? Hol up I'm comin" he said and hanged up., when metri arrived the ambulance was following behind. metri rushed to my baby on the floor and picked him up.

Demetri p.o.v
I rushed in the house to see my baby passed out on the house. this is really all my fault I can't let him go through this.

the ambulance was right outside so I carried him on to the bed. I couldn't watch this so I went in the house, 30 minutes later mama s came in the room to tell me that he woke up and is asking for me. I ran downstairs to see my baby laying down on the couch rubbing his stomach "baby you can't be doing this to me" I said letting couple tears fall from my eyes he tried to get up but I told him to stay still, I made my way to the couch and sat him on my lap.

He wiped the tears from my face and kissed my cheek "I'm sorry" he whispered quietly "I'm really sorry" he continued. I rubbed his back.

" you can't be scaring me like that, you have to keep the baby healthy". my voice cracking.

"the baby! metri I'm sorry please forgive me" he said crying, I continued rubbing his back whispering comforting words into his ears.

"don't leave me please I will keep the baby just don't leave me metri don't leave again" he sobbed on my shoulder.

" I won't leave, I'm not going anywhere baby breath for me breath. If you want the abortion we will get that" I said rubbing his back. he finally stopped crying and went to sleep on my wet shoulder "I will never leave you" I whispered to my self and let sleep take over.
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