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Chapter 25

Metris p.o.v
Been a month and a half since the whole incident which means Carlos is now a month and 3 weeks pregnant. his morning sickness is there and he never gets off the bed. I'm taking care off the .kids 24/7 and making food for him to eat. I'm always tired at the end off the day and I can't be handling business like this.

I did agree that we could go through with the abortion however something came over him but he didnt want to go through with it anymore.

It's currently 3am in the night and I'm now going to sleep. Michael been crying for the longest and I just got him to sleep. I made my way to our room to see Carlos still awake, "baby you should go to sleep it's late" I mumbled he moved on the bed to look at me.

"I want you to be next to me, I can't sleep when I'm not in your arms plus it's cold" he said I smiled and stripped down to my boxers. I laid next to him and pulled his body close to mine.

"goodnight babe I love you" I whispered in his ear he hummed.

"I love you too".

The next morning I got a call from Stefon informing me that something happened with the gang and somebody leaking our information. I was told that people already know our location and we are not safe where we are. I saw this coming also why I saved up money and already have a place to go, now all that is left to do is tell Carlos about our current situation.

"Baby we gotta talk bout something" I said while gently rubbing his stomach, he hummed signaling me to continue. "We gon have to move soon".

he looked confused.
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