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Chapter 26

Demetris p.o.v
When I told Carlos and his momma we had to move they didn't take it well but a couple weeks later they soon Welcomed the idea. I've been going back and forth to try to take care of some business before its time to leave. right now I'm driving from stefons house to my babies.

I noticed that a black bmw been following me since I left stefons house. I tried loosing it couple times but it keeps catching up. I took out my gun that I keep close to me for reasons such as this especially. I closely put the gun out the car window to aim but I was too late I felt more than heard 2 gun shots. the car speed off after my vision started to blur , I lost control of the car which made it run off the road into a building and I started coughing up blood. I slowly with the little strength I had picked up my cell and called 911. My vision started to blacken, I heard the faint voice of the operator before the darkness took over.

Carlos p.o.v

I've been waiting for metri to come home or at least give me a call. he left early in the morning and still isn't home, it's not like him; he usually call and tell me where he's at or why he's late. I slowly got up off the bed to head downstairs to the tv room. as I was making my way down stairs I had a call, I didn't check the ID because I was sure it was metri. "hello" I spoke.

"good evening is this the fiancé of" there was a little pause before the man continued "Demetri Brown?".
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