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Chapter 27

Carlos p.o.v
My hart started to beat as I heard Metri's name I swallowed a gulp in my throat "yes I am, how may I help you sir" I finally answered.

"we received your fiancé in a very bad condition could you come to evermore hospital to check on him".

A million questions started flowing through my mind as I heard the man on the other line "yes, yes right away" I ran downstairs carefully and knocked on mamas door. she came out looking annoyed.

"what now child" she said.

"mommy metri in the hospital we have to go now ima get the kids ready call a taxi please" she nodded and I ran to the nursery to get the kids ready. I completely forgot I was pregnant with all this stress. I finally got done with the kids and by that time the taxi was already here so we made our way out.

We reached the hospital and we rushed in with Michael in my arms and Amor in mommy's. We got to the reception desk to see a nice young lady there with a friendly look "excuse me miss can we please get the room for demetri brown" I asked and she smirked.

"you mean that fine dude they brought in just now oh he looked good even though he was hurt and I mean he was hurt real bad, you could see the gun shots" she said shaking her head.

"gun shots?!" I asked in a loud voice.

"yea gurl he looked hurt bad" she paused as she typed "he's in the surgery room right now but you can wait for him in the waiting room. may I ask your relation to him" she said.

"yea he's my fiancé" I told her. she nodded and typed something on her computer. "thank you, you could sit in the waiting room to wait for the doctor" she said, mommy and I with the kids went to sit down and wait.

It's been an hour and 40 minutes since we got here and trust me I've been keeping time. the kids already sleeping and mommy is dozing off also, I'm scared out of my mind why did he even leave the house anyways; he should have stayed with me and the kids. I was into my thoughts before I heard "family of demetri brown" my hand shot up and he walked over to us. " demetri is in a really bad condition sir the gun shots were aimed straight for his heart luckily it didn't reach his heart by .5 cm. the problem we have is he's still bleeding out and can't seem to stop, we got the bullets out of him but we fear that he might die from blood lost" as the doctor told me this I couldn't stop the tears from falling down I can't stay strong why doesn't he stay home? Why does he always get himself into trouble like this?

The doctor left to go finish taking care of him
But I really didn't have hope at this moment in time I don't have hope that he will make it. I sat closed my eyes and let the tears fall soon enough I fell asleep.

We've been at the hospital since 6 in the evening now it's 3am and we still haven't heard from the doctor again. I closed my eyes to sleep but I heard my name being called well not exactly I heard Demetria last name with the word "Mrs". the doctor came over "we have some good news sir, we got him to stop bleeding out a while back but the problem we have is that he slip into a coma but I'm very sure that he would wake up in two day" he said I smiled a little but I was still really worried.

I decided to go home so that the kids could get some sleep. my feet we're swelling and my baby in my stomach kept moving. mommy said she would stay and when I come back in the morning were gonna switch. I'm really scared for metri with every bone in my body I love that boy but he doesn't listen now look. swearing up and down we ready for more kids how are you going to take care off them when your in a hospital bed.

I got a cab when we got home i took care of the kids till they fell asleep. Bless then. they have no idea whats going on.

I woke up at 8am in the morning and started to get ready to go to the hospital. I called mommy so she can come home and take care of the kids while I switch with her. when I got to the hospital I waved to the girl from yesterday and went to room 506 dice she told me that's where they moved him to. when I walked in metri looked pale and in deep sleep, I walked over to his bed and kissed his forehead.

"baby, I miss you. why didn't you listen to me why couldn't you just quit now look. the kids miss you too and the baby inside misses you too, you wanna feel it" I put his hand on my stomach and moved it around as I cried " I think it's gonna be a girl baby isn't that what you wanted last time. please wake up please" I said as I continued to cry harder. I put his hand In mine as I rubbed it, I thought I saw him move a little but I'm not sure because of how blurry my vision was from the tears.

I kept his hand in mine and went to sleep on his chest making sure not to go where he's bandaged up.

It's been at least a month since metri been in the coma and I visit him everyday. I'm getting ready to go visit him when I got a call, I checked the ID to see its from the girl at the front desk which I learned name is Clara " boo guess what!" She screamed from the other line i laughed a little "what child" I said "demetri he woke up this morning like gahh he look Betta when he awake lord hey look fine" she said.

"what you serious and keep Ya eyes off him lil hoe" I said she Laughed and said "yes bitch and the first thing this nigga said was 'where my babies' I was like awwww " I laughed and told her I'm on my way I fell on the bed holding my chest and smiling.

I got a strong man.
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