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Chapter 28

Carlos p.o.v
I made my way to the hospital as fast as I could. when I got there I waved at Clara before I rushed to my baby's room, when I got there he was holding the tv remote switching channels and cursing at the tv; I smiled at the view and entered the room "papi I missed you" I said as I went over to hug him. I bent down to give him a soft kiss but when i was about to pull away he depend the kiss and his good arm traveled to my ass and gave it a little squeeze and I moaned in his mouth.

I finally pulled away breathing heavily "I missed you too shawty" he said.

"baby you can't be doing this to us I was so worried and stressed. stress can't be good for the baby god I missed you" I said crying. He pulled me real close and almost put me straddling him on the hospital bed but I stopped him.

"no baby stop you can't do that you still hurt and I'm heavier because of the baby" I said but he sucked his teeth.

"ion give a fuck I want you on my lap so get on my lap". God I missed him being like this, I didn't want to make make him mad so I sat on his legs. "my hips not my legs" he said.

"but baby I don't want to hurt you I can't" I wined he smacked my ass and stared at me straight in my eyes.

"Move up" he growled, I shivered a little then moved up to his hips.

"better" he said after I was straddling his hips.

I blushed a little and moved around "gemme a kiss" he whispered, I bent down to kiss him; I pressed my lips to his not moving it. couple of seconds later the kiss got heated and I was grinding on him, I can't believe we're doing this in a hospital bed "Mm papi" I moaned as he started kissing my neck and squeezing my ass.

There was a knock on the door and I tried to get off him but he didn't let me, I'm really surprised how strong he is at this time after an injury " come in" he said and went back kissing my lips. I saw Clara come in and when she saw us she said "damn Yall don't waste no time do you" laughing.

"Mm papi ah" I moaned because he pushed up his dick on me and I felt it in my area.

"I'm in the room Heeey yea it's me Clara hello" she said waving her hands in my face, I was too much in a daze to pay attention.

Metri looked at her with a straight face and said "may I help you" he said but still grinding on me, I tried to keep in the moans but it keeps slipping little by little.

"Yeaa the doctor said Ya go in like a week. I was lurkin for Ya that's how I found out "she said smirking "look at this doe it has all Ya bills on it".

"baby get the paper" he said I slowly reached out to take the paper but metri pushed up harder.

"papi stop" I moaned but he didn't listen so I got up with him trying to stop me but he didn't succeed.

I went out the room with Clara so we can talk. right when we got out she pulled me to a corner "oh my goshh he is foin,ya really don't waste no time like he didn't even stop when I was in there Hmm yall must be real freaky no wonder you pregnant he put in work".

I blushed a little and laughed "ain't I tell you to keep Ya eyes off my man, he don't want you and he don't waste no time but I be trying to stop him" I said.

"hmm ain't that what they all say" she said smirking "ain't nobody say that I'm bouta leave doe ion wanna go back in there cuz I know I got him frustrated" I said as I hugged her and went back in the room "baby I gotta go ima come back tomorrow ok" I said making sure I was far away from him.

He has ways to pull me in if I'm too close. "Ight kiss my babies for me" he said as he turned around from me, it looked like he was bouta sleep. I waited till I heard snoring and turned him around to kiss his lips.

Metris p.o.v
Carlos think it's easy to just leave me hanging like that. I knew he wasn't gonna give me a kiss when he knew I was still awake so I faked sleep so he can give me my kiss. I was watching tv when that girl from earlier came in "hey papi" she said getting too close to me.

"nahh look girl ion want you didn't you just see my woman up in here bitch you can leave" I said.

"I love it when they play hard to get" she said smirking.

"I ain't the type to put my hands on a woman but I sure as hell will if you don't get the fuck out" I said sternly.

She started coming closer and closer to me and bent Down to kiss me. at that moment Carlos walked back in the room "the fuck is this!" He screamed.

"baby it's not what it looks like this little trick came on to me" I said struggling to get her off me "but your mine not hers" she said looking at Carlos.

I closed my eyes not ready for what's coming next but when I opened my eyes Carlos was standing near the door crying, " get the fuck off me bitch before I fuck you up and leave this damn room don't bring your ass back up in here cuz I ain't gon stop my self from rearranging your already fucked up face" I said growling. s

he left quickly not looking back "baby come here" I called for him, he walked slowly to my bed still crying.

"why demetri, why you keep letting me worry" he cried I pulled him to stratal my hips and his tears fell on my chest.

"baby please it wasn't work it looked like, she came on to me and I tried stoping her. I don't know how but she kissed me believe that". I said

He sniffed and said "I believe you but I can't take this stress baby I can't" I rubbed his sides and his now growing stomach.

"I know shawty but we gon get through this together. we're gonna get through all this shit then when we do, we're gonna have our wedding and move far away from here". I said he sniffed again and nodded, "you good baby" I asked he nodded again and I smiled "can you please get me something to clean my lips off with that bitch was really bugging" I said he got up and left the room.

He came back with a smirk on his face and a tissue I looked at him and asked what he did " I beat that bitch ass thought she could take my man she got fucked up real good" I smiled a little.

"are you forgetting that you're pregnant" I asked he laughed and walked over to me.

"maybe just a little bit."
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