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Chapter 3

It's been hours since metri left and he still hasn't texted me, I was starting to think he won't so i didn't keep my hopes too high. I went downstairs to see my mommy watching tv, swear this lady has no life. She loves tv a lot so when we got this house her first priority was to turn the living room into a home theater.

I went and sat next to her and laid my head on her lap " Hey mommy" .

"mommy stop ignoring me" I said again after a few more seconds of silence,"if you stop ignoring me Ima tell you about the boy from outside mommy" .

she turned to me "my baby got herself a man wait why was there PDA on my grass Carlos,acting like I won't beat your ass".

My mom sometimes refers to me as a female and she might be the only one that I'll allow to call me as such because she originally wanted the doctors to identify me as a female but my "father" said no.

I was laughing so hard my ribs started to hurt "mommy ain't nobody says PDA out side of school, not even there i don't even know how you found out what that means witcho no life having ass " I replied to her .

"iscúlpeme I do have a life child and I found that out in one of my shows and I wanted to say it. boy you better watch your fuckin mouth " she said while failing to keep a straight face.

I laughed and got up to hug my mommy crazy ass I love this woman, when I went back to lay in her lap she was just staring at me and I knew exactly what she wanted.

"mommy stop staring at me like that I'm gonna tell you who he is, his name is demetri brown and he just transferred to my school today, he--" as I was telling my mom about demetri sexy ass I was interrupted by my phone. I had a text from an unknown number and I was just hoping it was metri "mommy it's probably him now, can I answer please" I begged her.

"fine but I get to talk to him to on the low" this lady just too much I thought to my self.

~Unkown : wassup shawty,missed me?~

After I Read the message I looked at my mommy and she winked at me. "no mommy just no" I said while laughing "what should I text back to him" I asked she looked as if she was thinking .

"Say Hey papi and Yeaa I missed you" she finished off by blowing kisses to me and my phone.

"never the day would I have thought my mother will say that" I said while laughing as I saved his name to my phone.

~Me: no, why would I miss your ass
Metri 💕👫: lls because , I'm demetri I know you missed me you ain't gotta front.~

I blushed at the massage and when I was about to text back my mom asked me "what's lls baby" .

I told her it means "laughing like shit" she gave me the straightest face ever.

"yall know that shit don't make no sense" she started laughing, I laughed too and replied back to metri.

~Me :stay telling yourself that ain't nobody miss your waka Flocka wanna be ass.
Metri 💕👫 :lls You gon stop playing with my emotions anytime soon Bae?
Me: "Bae" fuck you mean Bae last time I checked i was single and ready to mingle ion know where you coming from with this Bae shit.~

By this time my mommy was hovering over me to read the messages and me and metri been texting back and forth out of nowhere my mommy yells "my baby getting some zick" I can't with life she needs to stop watching all them shows i started laughing and she took my phone from me then she started typing but I thought she was playing a game until she gave me back my phone smirking. I ignored it and went to answer my messages when I saw A text that I do not remember sending ,it said 'am I getting zick papi' this lady play too much.

~Metri 💕👫 :You want the dick now? I thought you was playing hard to get.
Me: don't get your hopes up sweetheart it was suppose to be for somebody else~

I sent that message and told my mom I was going to bed and went to my room.I turned my phone off after sending that message thinking, I can't wait to see metri tomorrow.
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