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Chapter 30

Tw: mention of Abortion

Metri p.o.v
It's been a month a very long month at that. Carlos did go along with that abortion, hardest time for me. We started packing our things to move, were making our way to Chicago by next month or so. Before we leave I want to actually get married but Carlos wants to hold it off till we get to Chicago but I ain't letting that happen. he got what he wanted with that abortion now I'm getting what I want now. mama s and I have been planing the wedding without him knowing because she said she was proud of me for letting Carlos abort the baby.

We've been planing since a month ago and everything been going great. it's not going to be a big wedding it's going to be a small private wedding and after we leave. I'm making sure that before we go to the chapel we already have our things in the new house. it's a big job but i want to do anything I can for my family. my parents are going to be attending the wedding i haven't seen them in years but their numbers are still the same. I asked them and they
Agreed which I was surprised.

To be honest after we get married I'm trying everything I can to have more kids with Carlos. I want more than two kids and I'm going to get them. mama s also agrees with me she wants more grandchildren she even gave Carlos a speech about the abortion she told him it was a selfish thing to do but that made him depressed more. I wasn't having that so we agreed to pretend he was never pregnant the second time.
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