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5 years later

Demetris p.o.v
It's been a long ass time since yall heard from me and my lil shawty righ I'm now 24 years old with 7 children, I told yall ima get what I want in the end. Carlos stay Jackin he not having no more kids Buh he the one pregnant with the 6th child but ima mind my own business. Mama S getting some in too she met some guy ion even remember his name But he's cool, he got her busy all the time meaning she always out the house and I stay getting some in.

Carlos doing well he even been going to college with his always pregnant ass I mean you can't blame me. He's now 21 years old mean as fuck. His little deva shit rubbing on my children, we've been married for 4 years now. they really not ready for us. right now we in our room it's late at night and the kids are all sleeping "baby how did we met" he asked me out of nowhere "you was being extra in class so I saved Ya ass, I told my moms bout that DNA shit at the wedding" he laughed and rubbed his big stomach.

"it wasn't even for your ugly ass Ohh the baby just kicked metri" I got closer to him and put my hand on his stomach as well.

I felt the baby kick, "you know this not Gon be our last born right lil boy" I asked rubbing his stomach he laughed.

"I know Demetri your big ass annoying me now, the thing is I actually want more kids" he said smiling.

"took you years to admit with your short ass" I said laughing.

"shut up and kiss your baby goodnight" I moved from him chuckling "you gotta come closer" I said he moved closer to me "now kiss it" I climbed on top of him making sure not to be too close because of his stomach. I kissed his neck then lower to his stomach where the baby kicked. after I got in in between his thighs and kissed his inner thigh, he moaned and pushed my head back "stop this foolishness nigga get ya ass to sleep" he said.

I laughed and climbed back up and cuddled with him "I love you ma" I whispered to him.

"I love you too metri" he whispered back. this just the beginning of our story I mean I plan on being like them old married couples.

I'm spending the rest of my life with this little boy and nobody or anything is stopping me.
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