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Chapter 4

It's been a month since demetri and I met he asked me out bout 5 times and I keep saying no. Feeling have officially been caught, I really want to say yes but I feel like there's something wrong like something he's not telling me . At this point in time we already act like a couple but not official.

We are at my house watching tv. I'm sitting on the couch like a normal person while he laying on my lap. he is more comfortable in my house than I am.

I promise myself that I'm gonna get him to tell me what he's hiding .

I started massaging his scalp I know he likes that. "metri baby, I was thinking if I say yes to being your umm boyfriend " . By the time I said boyfriend he was cheesing up at me. "Are you going to be completely honest with me ?" He nodded his head softly.

"Are you telling me you gon be mine ?" Metri asked . I looked away with a smile on my face " is that a yes ?" I nodded before I pecked his lips. He wrapped his hand around my neck and kept me still. The kiss got a little heated but we were soon drenched in cold water.

When realization hit me I heard a loud clock of a tongue "Ay Niños sucios, get off my couch".

Metri was sulking on the couch because he was all wet, how could we not hear her coming ?. It's gonna be my job to get the couch cleaned later on .

What a fucking buzzkill.
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